Hello, November!

My November has started quite alright. On the first day, which is the day of all saints here in the Philippines, the husband and I were visited by our families and we celebrated together. We partook of a nice meal came dinnertime and offered prayers for our departed loved ones in the late evening.

Our shoebox of a house in Cavite became the overnight sanctuary of ten people. You can just imagine how crazy it had been but we survived, we even had so much fun doing things together. It was like a great bonding activity for all of us. I wouldn’t mind having our families around in our humble abode during occasions like this.

Oh, November! I hope you continue to be filled with happy and stress-free days until the 30th. Come December, I know it’s gonna be double the fun because of Christmas. Can’t wait. But for now, I’ll stick with you as my source of serenity and gaiety. 🙂

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