Midnight Mercato with Friends

It’s been a while since the last time I went to Midnight Mercato at The Fort. This awesome foodie place has been in existence for more than a year now (if I’m not mistaken) and yet it still continues to attract patrons, mostly yuppies and families. Last night, I went there with the hubby, my SIL and my two good friends and we had a nice food trip!

our group

Let me tell you a secret. In the many times that I’ve been to Midnight Mercato, I only order the same stuff. Like, seriously. I get this flavored fried rice that sells for less than 100 bucks a cup, some mild-spicy Manang’s Chicken wings (this one tastes better than Bon Chon’s in my opinion!), a bottle of Edgy’s refreshing dalandan juice and a slice of red velvet or carrot cake. That’s it. All yum. And affordable, too.

No, it’s not that I’m afraid of exploring the other food offerings there nor am I a cheapskate, it’s just that I swear by the above-mentioned food items’ high level of palatability. I guess I’m just hooked. Let me tell you also that when it comes to food, I play favorites. Haha. :)

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