January is My Food Trip Month

Oh how time flies! Before I knew it, a month has ended and a new month has arrived. If there’s one thing that could sum up the month of January for me, it has to be food trips! January has been all about eating for this proactive soul.

It all started with the New Year where I cooked several simple but hearty dishes for our Media Noche. I indulged in glorious, fatty food that time. Two weeks later, Superfriend Nice and I got invited to a seafood feast thru Marriott Hotel’s Ocean Surf Buffet. This luxury hotel is housed inside the huge Resorts World Manila Complex in Pasay City (fronting NAIA 3). Once more, I ate to my heart’s content but this time, I feasted on fresh bounties from the sea and a lot more.

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Goal No. 4: Travel to 10 Local Destinations

If there’s one thing the boyfriend and I have in common, it’s our love for travel. Actually, it’s not just that. We both love to visit new places, try new things and meeting new people. Once he said to me that when we have settled down (ehem), we’ll spend the first two years of our marriage sans kids. Instead of finding me pregnant with our first born and he working his ass off to save money for my delivery, we’ll go to as many places we’d love to visit. I doubt if it’s still gonna be the case by then especially now that our parents are already convincing us to get married soon and produce their first grandchild right after.

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Loving Imortal, ABS-CBN’s Vampire and Werewolf-Themed Fantasy Series

I used to love PCH Kristine Series but when the second book had unfolded, my appetite for it diminished. I think it’s because of 1) the disappearing act of the talented Denise Laurel playing Emerald, 2) the addition of too many characters that somehow made the plot complicated and 3) the too many bed scenes shown. I know I’m not the only one who noticed and didn’t give a nod of approval to some or all these things.

imort 2
Imortal poster which I got from here

With my reception towards PCH Kristine Series reaching an all-time low, another ABS-CBN teleserye has caught my attention. It’s vampire-werewolf themed and has a stellar cast. Two of my favorite local celebrities are in it, Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. The war between vampires and werewolves may be old but let’s admit it, we continue to find it compelling. This is basically what Imortal, a fantasy series, is playing into. But to make it appealing to the younger generations, they injected a love story ala Romeo and Juliet and a prophecy that could change the lives of the lead characters forever.

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Patience is a Virtue

Just because it hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean you have to lose hope and give up on your dream. This is what I have been constantly telling myself the past few days. I’ve been waiting for something and right now I find ‘waiting’ a bit unbearable already. My family and friends say I should never surrender. A new friend tells me exactly the same thing. She’s been an inspiration and an encouraging force to me since Day 1.

It’s been a month since that fateful day. I was only armed with a pinch of confidence and an ounce of dogged determination. I was only strengthened by good intentions and a pure heart. In the beginning, I was a little nervous but eventually I took control of things. Or so I thought.

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The Joy and Meaning of Shopping

This is not to say that I’m turning into a big time shopaholic. I just want to share with you my shopping habit. While I have long been a frugal person, I also occasionally indulge in shopping either to reward myself for a hard day’s work or simply be happy over a cute but useful purchase. When you’re a disciplined shopper, the joy of shopping will never get replaced by headaches due to overspending or credit card debts that went beyond control.

I shopped twice last weekend and thought I got some great deals. One was in Baclaran and the other was at the Dept. Store of Robinsons Place Manila. I spent 500 bucks on the former and a little over a thousand on the latter. The two unplanned shopping trips made me happy, content and inspired. Yes, I got inspired because my purchases, which include a pair of flat shoes, four pairs of earrings, one ring, one belt, two tops, one dress and one blazer, will serve as part of my investment to achieve my second goal for 2011. When you shop for a purpose, shopping becomes meaningful.

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