Girl Talks in Our Family

We’re only six in the family: four females and two males. Based on that figures, you could imagine how girl talks happen more frequently than boy’s. My two sisters and I maintain an open relationship with our mom. Whenever mom and dad visit us here in Manila (they’re based in Cavite), we’d chat everyday on just about anything and we’re never afraid to talk to our mom on any topic, may it be about the latest telenovela we’re hooked on and the best acne treatment available in the market today to the controversial RH bill and sex education. We’re happy to have a cool and open-minded mom who treats us not just as daughters but as friends.

Girl talks in our family are always interesting and fun. Actually, more often than not, these would eventually turn into family talks where every member (the two men included) get to participate. Our conversations are quite long, too. Sometimes they last for hours. It must be because we’ve been through a lot as a family. We’ve had our fair share of good and bad times. We’ve also been through a lot of ordeals that only strong families can overcome.

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