Tax Refund

My brother is the luckiest! He’ll be receiving a tax refund worth P____ very soon for the taxes he paid last year. I remember just last week he was borrowing money from me. He needed some bucks to buy new clothes for his forthcoming oath taking as licensed teacher. I didn’t have spare money then so I wasn’t able to help him. With the tax refund money he’s getting, he’s problem is solved.

Speaking of taxes, I just realized I have yet to pay property taxes for our Naic home. Gosh, my forgetfulness is getting worse each day. I better schedule a day off this month to pay our tax dues. But before that, I have to look for some documents first. I haven’t done any cleaning recently; I wonder where I have kept those files I collected after purchasing our house. If I had document management solutions at my disposal, this won’t be a problem. But I don’t have any, so yeah, I have to do the search manually. Poor me.

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Close to Being Pennyless

At least that’s what I felt earlier today after my trip to Cavite. Tagging the boyfriend along with me, I visited SM Rosario to buy my mom a new refrigerator. Though I paid thru credit card, I couldn’t help but feel close to being pennyless because my next payday is still one week from now and yet I have already spent my entire personal allowance for next week. Expenses just piled up from nowhere and before I knew it, 90% of my money was gone.

Now I’m very tempted to get cash advances from whoever is willing to lend me money. Just kidding. It’s a good thing I have other income sources aside from my day job. Actually, I can’t seem to be contented. I always try to find new sources of income and think of new ways to make money. There was even one time I thought of putting up a small business. But I know I can’t do that yet. I need to save up more money and get an MBA first. Yeah, just to be sure my business would grow and flourish.

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The Convenience of SM Bills Payment Center

Where do you pay your bills? The boyfriend has this habit of paying his bills online (thru credit card) which I find smart. I, on the other hand, am old-school. I pay my bills at the nearest SM Bills Payment Center. I find it very convenient as I can pay my various bills in one place and with lesser hand work. You see, I’d just give the billing statement to the staff behind the counter and I’m done in no time. I know there are times the line gets unbelievably long but eventually you’ll learn proper timing.

As much as possible, I don’t entertain the idea of paying my bills online because a) all of my credit cards are 80% maxed-out already, b) using money from my bank accounts (which I can access online) to pay for my bills defeats the very purpose of saving up and c) I’m just too lazy to open the PC and do bills payment.

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