3rd Month

Our 3rd month together as husband and wife falls on Father’s Day. Now that we’re expecting, I think it’s just proper to greet my husband a Happy Father’s Day. I did just that when I woke up this morning. Haha.


So far, our married life has been really great and blessed. No big problems, whatsoever. And we’re thankful because God continues to guide our marriage. It’s too early to tell what will happen to us one, five or ten years from now, but we’re very optimistic about our future. Especially now that we’re looking forward to the arrival of our first child.

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2nd Month

Yesterday was quite special. It was our 2nd month as a married couple and we have so much to be thankful for. Top on the list is the fact that we are expecting a baby. Today, I’m exactly on my 12 weeks of pregnancy and we’re very glad that everything is doing just fine.


It’s too early to say but I think the hubby and I have been adjusting really well with our new life together. Traveling to and from Bacoor home four times a week is no easy feat. Yes, we still sleep over at my in-laws’ place (to save on gas) whenever we have something important to do late at night. Haha.

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First Month

Oh how time flies! I can’t believe we’re now married for a month! Yes, it’s one awesome month filled with happiness and excitement over the little details in our very young marriage. Wow, I just feel so great today.

happy first month to us!

Life is good, so far, and we’re very thankful to our families and friends who have been showering us with love and support since our big day. Living in a separate house away from family is quite new to my hubby (not so much to me because I lived alone at one point in my college life!) but I can tell he’s coping well with it. I particularly love how we’re adjusting to married life and enjoying every moment of the process.

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