Spending Habits

I noticed that after I got married, my spending habits have changed dramatically. I don’t have the urge to shop now. That or maybe, I’m just not overly exposed to the things women love (e.g. clothes, shoes, jewelries, etc.). And it doesn’t help that we hardly hit the mall these days.

As for the hubby, I think he’s also changed. It’s a given that he’s very fond of gadgets. He’s a techie, after all. If I’m not mistaken, he plans to get an iPhone 5 this year. He also loves looking at cars and model kits when we’re at the mall. But these he can’t buy in an instant as we’re still paying for our car. Haha.

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Foreign Exchange Rates

I didn’t expect changing my Philippine pesos to Malaysian ringgits and Singaporian dollars would make me feel a little sad about the economic state of my home country. Imagine, the value of our currency is way below those of the two. As our currency continues to fall, those of our neighbor countries continue to be strong and stable.

No wonder, more and more Filipinos are trying hard to work abroad where they could earn foreign currencies that their families could exchange for higher rates in Manila. It’s a sure fire way to solve their financial problems and bolster their credit repair efforts. But as promising as it sounds, there are sacrifices that need to be made. The overseas Filipino worker has to stay in a foreign land away from his family.

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Pocket Money

As far as traveling is concerned, pocket money is very important. For this particular travel, I made sure to save up money prior to our departure date. I can’t say I have lots of money in my pocket right now, but I’m pretty sure I can last here until our return to Manila without getting hungry.

Now, if we are putting shopping into the picture, I think I can only afford a few things. No, I don’t have plans to buy designer bags, Black diamond earrings nor any kind of luxury items here. I just want to buy some pasalubongs to take home to my family and friends. Haha.

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Close to Being Pennyless

At least that’s what I felt earlier today after my trip to Cavite. Tagging the boyfriend along with me, I visited SM Rosario to buy my mom a new refrigerator. Though I paid thru credit card, I couldn’t help but feel close to being pennyless because my next payday is still one week from now and yet I have already spent my entire personal allowance for next week. Expenses just piled up from nowhere and before I knew it, 90% of my money was gone.

Now I’m very tempted to get cash advances from whoever is willing to lend me money. Just kidding. It’s a good thing I have other income sources aside from my day job. Actually, I can’t seem to be contented. I always try to find new sources of income and think of new ways to make money. There was even one time I thought of putting up a small business. But I know I can’t do that yet. I need to save up more money and get an MBA first. Yeah, just to be sure my business would grow and flourish.

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