Birthday Weekend

The hubby and I celebrated my birthday last Saturday simply and quietly. I was expecting for a surprise from him but he didn’t have any. Haha. He failed me this time, but it’s no big deal. He just told me to get something for myself when we went to the mall on my exact birthday and paid for it. So, what did I buy? No, I didn’t get the military challenge coin online I saw last month that would have started my dream coin collection. Instead, I got two things: the dress and the pair of shoes I had been eyeing for weeks. Yes, I finally have them now. Good things really happen to those who wait.

blue casual dress and houndstooth flats

If it was a red velvet cake for the hubby for his birthday, this time I made myself a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. I got the recipe from a friend’s blog and the cake turned out to be good, but not good enough for me. The crust broke when I sliced it (I overdid the sugar) and the cake itself wasn’t as smooth as I’d liked it to be. (Yes, I think I really need to get an electric mixer soon.) The taste was fantastic, though. The canned blueberry filling I bought from the supermarket wasn’t too sweet which I thought was a good thing as it balanced out the flavors of the cake.

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Cool Weekend

Last weekend was cool and quiet. It was very restful for the hubby and me. We indulged ourselves in sleep and food and TV. We only got out of the house to go to the mall on Saturday. We paid some bills, got some supplies from the supermarket and had dinner at our fave fastfood. Oh, I also found a nice shirt dress and impulsively bought it to the hubby’s surprise. Haha.

When we got home, we hanged out in our living room. I read my magazines (where I found out about the wonders of restaurant pagers used in restaurants in the US and Europe) while he watched TV. We slept late that night and woke up late as well the next day.

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Weekend Report

We were supposed to spend the last weekend just at home with my in-laws. Our Saturday was fun, as usual. I am proud to say that the hubby and I, after finishing a few errands, slept the day away. We really thought we deserved some rest. Haha. We just let Mama and Papa and my SIL do their thing inside our home.

On Sunday, however, all that had to change because the hubby and I, along with my side of the family, got invited to attend the baptismal celebration of my cousin’s baby son. The hubby and I, along with my in-laws, then found ourselves heading back to Manila in the morning, attending the christening at noon and spending the night at my in-laws to prepare for work the next day.

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Change of Plans

Don’t you hate it when you have to change plans at the last minute? I do, especially if it’s weekend plans we’re talking about. I want my weekend to be as relaxing and fun as possible. I try to take as much rest as I could during the weekends. Weekends are almost sacred to me. Haha.

Last weekend, we were supposed to visit our family house in Naic to do some general cleaning. But because my parents had an errand to do, we had to re-schedule it to another date. Good thing another pleasant opportunity presented itself, for me at least. I was invited by my sister (the one with the new job) to go with her to a dinner event organized by their company for Saturday night. It was like a welcome party of sorts and each employee was asked to bring one companion. I asked where the venue was and when she told me it was at some resto inside Maxims Hotel, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. I hadn’t been to that part of Resorts World Manila; I thought it was my chance to see a six-star hotel!

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Weekend Stories: It’s All Good

Last weekend was quite hectic but super fun. On Saturday, I did a special assignment in the office in the morning before attending the much-anticipated Blogapalooza event at Fully Booked Boni High in the afternoon. The former made me a bit tired but good thing the later brought back my energy with its festive atmosphere and cool surprises. Plus, I got to see a lot of my old and new blogger friends again.

When dinnertime came, I met up with the fiancee and we enjoyed Filipino food. Saturday was also the eve of our monthsary and so we stayed at this awesome hotel that lay in the heart of Manila. We wanted to jog the next morning (Sunday) but we weren’t able to do so because we woke up late. To make up for this, we decided to walk our way to our respective houses after checking out of the hotel.

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