Just Another Long Weekend

Another long weekend is approaching and I’m one of those who are giddy with excitement about it. I need a break, and this is the kind of break I need. I have a few previous commitments but other than that, I’m good. If I get lucky, I might be able to spend the rest of the long weekend with my family in our Cavite abode and we might just push thru our swimming plans.

Speaking of our home, I just learned from mom that our electricity is back. Last week, an electric wire (the one connected to the electric meter) suddenly exploded. We were all here in Manila and it was our neighbor who reported it to us. She said it could be because of the heavy rains or something to that effect. It was a good thing we left the house with the main electric switch turned off so it was not affected by the power explosion. The repair alone cost me over a thousand pesos. When I paid for the electrician’s labor services, I knew I could no longer lend my brother money to buy one of those sleek samsung digital cameras he was eyeing online. So sorry, bro. You will have to wait next month for that.

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Bus Services Abroad

Airline, check. Hotel, check. Itinerary, still being finalized. Bus services, still looking. Ouch. I have yet to get the four of us bus seats for our first international travel in October. We’re going to Kuala Lumpur and would like to visit Singapore for a day so we need a good bus service to take us to the Lion city.

I initially wanted to get our bus seats from BusOnlineTicket.com because they have access to major bus service providers in Malaysia (and accept Paypal, too!) but a friend advised me the other day to try the bus services of Aeroline instead. She swore by it because she’s traveled with them for a couple times already and each ride has been pleasant and hassle-free for her.

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Plans for the Long Weekend

Seriously, I don’t have any. I am actually doing some work this long weekend. I might do some cooking here at home but right now, I just wanna rest. Tonight I have work at the restaurant and so I wanna relax a bit for now. Oh, there’s this new game I’m playing in my iPod Touch called Veggie Samurai and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s quite similar to Fruit Ninja except that the veggies can be diced and there are giant veggies showing up every now and then giving you a perfect 100 score if you are able to cut it into several slices quick. Unfortunately, I have yet to beat the 1,400+ high score courtesy of my younger sister. Bummer.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! To make it a bit special for my Dad, I’m taking him to a nice restaurant that he hasn’t been to yet. I initially wanted to take the entire family to an outing at some nice resort in Cavite. I wanted all of us to swim in huge pools complete with swimming pool lifts and have fun all day. But I realized I had an upcoming beach trip in Zambales next week and I needed money for it. Maybe, next time. Haha.

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Back from the Beach Trip

My first summer outing has just come to an end. As expected, it was fun and relaxing. I couldn’t ask for more. Two days of basking in the sun and frolicking in the surprisingly clear Quezon waters was invigorating. I loved the touch of my feet in the fine brown sand. At one moment, I even felt like I was in Panglao and Boracay. The private beach resort we went to was plain and nothing exceptional but it sure relieved my longing for the sea and all the fun that came with it. I was very satisfied.

Now that I’m back home, I can’t help but reminisce of my first summer adventure this 2011. Spending time with the fiancee and his officemates is something I won’t mind doing again. The road trip we had Friday night was an awesome experience in itself, from the zig zag road and the stop overs to our funny car conversations and finally, arrival in our lodging house for the night. I was exhausted when I got home, yes, but it was all worth it. I would have wanted to extend our stay in Quezon but reality bit…I still had tons of work to do online and offline. Actually I’ve just awaken several minutes ago and right now, I’m checking my mails while reading up human growth hormone reviews. This is gonna be a long night, but I’m not complaining. I had a fun weekend, after all.
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The Holy Week That Passed

Spent the Holy Week with my entire family in our Cavite home. We made the most of what we had. We talked, giggled, laughed out loud, went out, ate, played and prayed. We spent our time doing the simple things we love to do. We were so engrossed in our own little world that before we knew it, Holy Week was over and we (my brother D, my sister J and I) already had to go back to the city. It’s one home-bound vacation I will never forget.

Have you done the religious tradition called Visita Iglesia? I have, but I was just with the boyfriend and my sister J. Oooops, his mom joined us, too! But she only stayed until the 3rd church as she still had work at the restaurant. We’re a small group this year, unlike last year where we were a big bunch, with two kids to boot (the boyfriend’s twin cousins).

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