Frugal Find: Rubi Shoes, 3 for P1,200

I got introduced to Rubi Shoes through Cotton On. They carry Rubi shoes in their stores and after buying two pairs (camel wedges and white sandals) in 2013 –which are both still alive today –I made it a point to check out Cotton On occasionally for new shoe designs. (My fave branches are Cotton On Rob Magnolia and Rob Manila.)

rubi shoes

When I found out Rubi Shoes has stand-alone stores in Rob Magnolia and Alabang Town Center (ATC), I’d visit them whenever I’d make a trip to those malls.

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2014 Hair Trends for Women

For 2014, they say short hair is “in” for women. While I prefer my hair to be long (and always tied up in a ponytail), I also wear short hair from time to time. I remember two summers ago, I was sporting a pixie cut and loved it. It was sort of liberating for me because it’s the kind of hairdo that you can call “wash and wear.”

short hair peg
Photo from

If I’m gonna cut my hair short, that hairdo of Paris Hilton on the photo above is my peg. But right now, I’m still undecided. I’ll surely miss my long albeit damaged hair. I’ll probably just trim it. Or I might just get some pretty hairpiece online that will match my oval-shaped face. Haha. 🙂

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The Popular Donut Bun Hair Style

I’m still thinking if I’ll get a hair cut or not. My hair has gone so long in the last few months and I’m getting tired of managing it. On normal days, you will see my hair tied in a pony tail. Whether it’s at work or home, my hair is just like that. I’m really unimaginable when it comes to hair styles so I usually go for short hair, if I can help it.


I’ve known about donut bun hair style from a fashion blog I occasionally read. I like how neat and elegant it looks, but it sounds like so much hard work so I didn’t think of doing it to my hair. But when I saw my superfriend Nice wearing a donut bun, I couldn’t help but ask her where she bought it. She then pointed me to an accessory shop (Broadway Gems) that sells it, and in various sizes at that. So one random day at the mall, I went to that shop and got a large donut bun for myself at P59.75.

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New Shoes

While I don’t really go to the mall with the sole intent of buying new shoes, I almost always end up buying a new pair impulsively. I usually justify my purchase by saying to myself that the new shoes I just bought are a good investment. This is especially true if I got the new shoes at a dirt-cheap price or in the style that captured my heart.

Recently, I’ve gotten two new pairs: black peep-toe pumps and beige platforms. Both were purchased impulsively. Haha. I told you, I’m an impulsive shopper like that. But, with valid reasons for buying them (see first paragraph!). I’ve only worn the former once and the latter is still in its box waiting to be used.

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Sucker for Skirts

I’m a sucker for skirts. I’ll prefer them over jeans any day. Even if I have big and hairy legs and my popliteal fossa (undersides of the knees) have turned darker after I got pregnant, I don’t care as long as I’m comfortable and feeling feminine wearing my skirts.

my new thinspiration skirt!

I dunno but skirts give me greater mobility and comfort than jeans or pants do. I’m partial to short skirts over long ones. Two inches or just above the knee are usually okay with me. I wear my skirts with anything: printed blouses, plain tops, blazers, etc. I wear skirts at work, in parties or just when I’m out in the mall or the supermarket.

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Dressing Up for Work

Dressing up is fun, especially when you’re a girl. While I’m a self-proclaimed, low-maintenance gal, I also enjoy dressing up once in a while. In fact, one of the goals I set this year is to dress properly at work. You know, taking the corporate attire thing seriously even if I’m just working in a government office.

Dressing up for work (or otherwise) is more fun if your wardrobe is always updated. Regular shopping for new clothes is good, but only if you can afford it. Sometimes, all you need is some creativity and imagination. You can actually mix and match clothes without looking cheap and unsophisticated. You can use up old clothes and make them look brand new to the eyes of your workmates. Add some nice accessories to your outfit, for instance. It’s a sure way to glam up your office attire.

To remind myself to dress up more often, you might just see outfit posts here in the coming days!