My New Longchamp Bag

I finally claimed my Longchamp Le Pliage bag, which I ordered from thru their semi-annual Longchamp sale (I got a 20% discount!), from Johnny Air-Makati yesterday. The price of the bag was $118 (approx. P5,000) and I paid P842 for shipping. The shipping fee from to Johnny Air’s New York office was free, thanks to the shopping site’s ongoing promo. I think I got a good deal since if I’d buy here in Manila, the price could go as high as P8,000.


This navy blue, Longchamp bag has been my dream bag for years now. I saved up for it and now I have it in possession. The limited edition Longchamp Arbre de Vie, which was my first choice at, turned out to be out of stock and so I settled back to my original choice. Still, I’m so happy! It was a dream come true, after all.
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Lucky Tuesday

March 22 was a milestone for our office as it commemorated its 114th Anniversary. The day, which fell on a Tuesday, was filled with activities to add color to the celebration. It has been a tradition of sorts. First was a fun run where hundreds of employees participated in. Then there were Pinoy games in the afternoon. Though I wasn’t there, I knew it had been exciting and fun. To make things better, we also received free breakfast and snacks.

But nothing beat the joy derived from the anniversary bonus we got. Don’t ask for the exact amount as it wasn’t big. It’s not even given yearly. Let’s just say it was enough to get me some accessories, my siblings some chocolates, my mom a new pair of eye glasses and my dad, some natural hair loss treatment (I think he’s hairline is thinning). Haha, the joy money buys! I bet all employees in our office went home feeling lucky, albeit a bit exhausted from the activities they joined in.

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New Look for Summer

There’s no denying summer is here. Last night was very humid I had to turn on the fan so I could sleep. I guess I will have to do that every night for the rest of this season to feel comfortable in my slumber. Given that, I should expect my electric bill to balloon a little in the next two months. But that’s okay so long as I don’t perspire like crazy.


my new ‘do without the color and the highlights

Last Friday, I finally got a new hair ‘do. It was a short pixie cut that looked good on me (according to almost everyone, haha). To complete the new look that was very summer-y, I had my hair dyed and got some highlights at the same salon the next day. I have never looked this young and chic and cool. Just what a nice hair cut can do to a face. And to think I only spent a little over P600 for it!

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I Want a Short Hair Cut

Summer (and Easter, too) is fast-approaching and I have this plan of welcoming it with a new ‘do. I also feel that a short hair will suit me well as I hit the beach and enjoy other summer activities. Plus, I really want to experiment on new looks using the short hair cut. You know how it makes girls look chic, elegant and sexy. I want to see that for myself. Haha.

Photo taken from here

The shortest hair cut I’ve ever sported was one that fell two inches below my ears. That was eons ago. I’ve been thinking of getting a short hair cut anytime soon. Specifically, I like a short pixie cut. I love how pixie cuts have fringes (sometimes spikes) and layered sides. It looks smart yet playful. I’m bored with my long, layered hair. I really am. I want to look ten years younger again and a short pixie hair cut could just do the trick. Pardon me for wishing to look like a teenager again. I’m a child-at-heart, you know. I still eat those  Easter candy and chocolates when no one’s looking. Haha. But I digress.

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Pantsuit or Skirtsuit?

I have a very important meeting Tuesday next week and I’d like to leave a good impression. I’m doing this by being confident with each word I say and of course, by looking the part. They say that for meetings like the one I’m having next week, I must wear either a pantsuit or a skirtsuit. I’m taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deals to shop for one. But if I were to ask you which is the better choice, is it a pantsuit or a skirtsuit?

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