I Want a Short Hair Cut

Summer (and Easter, too) is fast-approaching and I have this plan of welcoming it with a new ‘do. I also feel that a short hair will suit me well as I hit the beach and enjoy other summer activities. Plus, I really want to experiment on new looks using the short hair cut. You know how it makes girls look chic, elegant and sexy. I want to see that for myself. Haha.

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The shortest hair cut I’ve ever sported was one that fell two inches below my ears. That was eons ago. I’ve been thinking of getting a short hair cut anytime soon. Specifically, I like a short pixie cut. I love how pixie cuts have fringes (sometimes spikes) and layered sides. It looks smart yet playful. I’m bored with my long, layered hair. I really am. I want to look ten years younger again and a short pixie hair cut could just do the trick. Pardon me for wishing to look like a teenager again. I’m a child-at-heart, you know. I still eat those  Easter candy and chocolates when no one’s looking. Haha. But I digress.

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Pantsuit or Skirtsuit?

I have a very important meeting Tuesday next week and I’d like to leave a good impression. I’m doing this by being confident with each word I say and of course, by looking the part. They say that for meetings like the one I’m having next week, I must wear either a pantsuit or a skirtsuit. I’m taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deals to shop for one. But if I were to ask you which is the better choice, is it a pantsuit or a skirtsuit?

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Best Hair Cut for My Face Shape

I’ve been contemplating on getting a new haircut lately. My hair at present is fugly to the nth level. It’s dry and completely out of shape. The effects of the rebonding treatment I had many months ago are gone. I’m also too lazy to give my hair its much needed TLC. I know I need to find a decent hair style that suits my face shape soon.

Katie Holmes seen on the streets of Manhattan on August 5, 2008
Image of Hollywood star Katie Holmes grabbed from here

Speaking of face shape, I just realized I didn’t know what exactly my face shape is. I used to think it was round. At one point in time I thought it was oblong. I have been confused about this thing which makes thinking about the perfect hair style for my face shape quite difficult. Until this afternoon when I had chanced upon this article and found out I’ve got an oval face. Yes, oval. And not round nor oblong.

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Big Blister on My Left Foot

It happened so fast. I just wore my new shoes to the office one random weekday. It’s a black, open-toed pair in three-inch heels. I don’t know how to describe it correctly but it has a shoe lace. I hope you get the idea. Okay, on with my story. When I had gotten home after wearing the shoes in the office for eight long hours, I saw this big blister on my left foot. It started to form a bubble filled with water and eventually, mixed with some puss. Days later the bubble burst open. Ewwww.

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