Health Insurance, Finally!

So, the hubby and I have finally gotten hold of health insurance through the initiative of our labor union last November 2018. The money used to pay for the health insurance came from us (read: our CNA bonus) but because we got enrolled under a corporate account, we received discounts and added privileges. I don’t remember the exact annual premium anymore but it’s just under PhP11,000 per head. I personally think it’s the best deal for us at this time, coverage and price wise.

The name of the healthcare provider is Care Health Plus. After reading the brochures sent to our office and doing a bit of personal research, I found out that it was only founded in 2015 yet it has one of the highest authorized capitalization in the HMO industry. Anyway, we are enrolled under their PlatinumCare Program. Some of its benefits and features are listed below:

-out-patient benefits (unlimited medical consultations!)
-annual physical examination (APE) with uric acid test
-in-patient benefits
-emergency care benefits for one (1) year
-dental benefits
-pre-existing illness/es are covered from the first year onwards

When an officemate got admitted to a private hospital last month due to an infection, he was able to max out the card’s benefit of PhP100,000 coverage per illness. He stayed in a semi-private room (he got a solo room but shared a restroom with another patient from the next room!) and was attended by good doctors and nurses. We were quite happy and satisfied in the office because it only meant one thing — the card was legit! Haha.

I remember writing about health insurance in 2014, how the hubby and I wanted to get one each for ourselves and even thought about getting a PhilCare product at one point. But we didn’t push thru that and instead took our time. Looking back, it was quite risky but I guess God had a better plan. Now, we’re covered and we can’t be more grateful. I just hope we don’t get to use our Care Health Plus card! We are only very much willing to pay for our peace of mind. 😛

Do you also have a health card? What is it and what are its benefits? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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  1. I’m quite lucky that my company shoulders my HMO and that of Boyet’s and Zayne’s. It’s Intellicare and covers 500k per illness per year. We were able to use it when Boyet had surgery, Zayne had dengue and I got hospitalized last week. We were all confined in St. Luke’s BGC in a regular private room. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t let go of my day job. Hahaha! :p

  2. Super laking peace of mind talaga ang may health card. Like Je, it’s one of the reasons why I can’t let go of my day job. Libre yung health card ko and I pay 50% para sa card ni Skye na gamit na gamit. Kaya keriboom lang. Iba padin yung alam mong you can get top notch health care ng hindi ka maghihirap ng wagas.

  3. Same here! Hirap iletgo ng full time job because of the healthcard. I remembered, sagot ng card ko ung panganganak ko kay Chinita. They even paid my maternity leave full salary for 3 months!

  4. Sana kasali sa benefits nating mga kawani ng gobyerno ang healthcard. Mabuti nalang in our case, libre ng company ng husband ko healthcards namin. Laking tulong talaga.

  5. Hanggang ngayon po ba 2020 legit pa rin ang Care health plus? Nagagamit kaya for covid hospitalization? Planning lang on getting on top of Intellicare kasi ang liit ng limit namin

    1. Yes po, nagagamit pa rin Care Health Plus namin. Pero di po ako sure if magagamit for covid hospitalization. Better check with them first para makasiguro po.

  6. Hello.
    Ano po inclussion ng APE sa CareHealthplus, nabasa ko kasi, with uric acid test lang ang naka indicate ?
    How much is the premium? How much is the coverage?

    1. sa APE po ang alam ko madami kasama not just uric acid test. corporate account po kasi kami nasa 11k plus po per year at 100k per illness ang coverage, semi-private room pag naconfine. please check with their agents po or customer service for more details. 🙂

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