Health Insurance, Finally!

So, the hubby and I have finally gotten hold of health insurance through the initiative of our labor union last November 2018. The money used to pay for the health insurance came from us (read: our CNA bonus) but because we got enrolled under a corporate account, we received discounts and added privileges. I don’t remember the exact annual premium anymore but it’s just under PhP11,000 per head. I personally think it’s the best deal for us at this time, coverage and price wise.

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On Healthcare and Medical Emergencies

UPDATE: My Tita Miyang finally went home from the hospital last Saturday afternoon. Praise the Lord, the king of all healers! 🙂

Last Monday, I received a sad news from my cousin about her mom (my aunt and my father’s sister) who’s based in Biñan City, Laguna. She said they rushed her to the hospital because she suffered from heart attack and had a seizure. After doing some tests on her, the doctor advised to send her mom to the ICU immediately for more tests and observation. We visited her at Alabang Medical Center yesterday and she had already been transferred to a private room. It seemed that she was on her way to recovery. Thank you, Lord!

group picture

My Tita Miyang is 64 years old, has a senior citizen card but no PhilHealth membership (what we heard in the news isn’t fully implemented yet!). She doesn’t have health insurance/HMO card which leaves her family with no choice but to shoulder all her medical expenses. Imagine paying almost P20,000 per day for a stay in the ICU? That amount is already equivalent to a month’s salary of a public school teacher. My gosh, I don’t think I can afford that at this point should any of my parents get subjected to the same ordeal.

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Saving for the Rainy Season

We’re right on the third quarter of the year and I just realized I have yet to meet half of my savings goal. Whatever happened to me? Where did my money go? Asking myself these questions has pointed me to some big purchases and financial transactions I made in the past months. Eventually it became clear to me. Aside from the new Longchamp bag, I spent most of my money paying for the tuition fees of my siblings, our home improvement projects, birthday celebrations of family members, and preparations for our upcoming trip abroad.

If there’s one thing I didn’t spend so much on, it would be healthcare. I’m thankful that my family, especially my parents, have not acquired any serious illnesses in the past months. I hope they continue to be in good health in the years to come. We all know how healthcare can cost a lot of money and in the case of serious health problems, can deplete the family’s savings and would even make you wish you had SSDI to depend on. I don’t think I’m financially prepared for that yet.

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