Meal Planning on a Budget

Staying at our in-laws’ place during weekdays, I leave the meal planning to the lady of the house, my MIL. She decides what food to prepare for the family, with occasional requests from her husband and three children (that includes yours truly).

Meal planning during weekends at our marital home in Bacoor is a different story. There, I get to practice being the smart wife who knows her way around the kitchen. In the three years that the hubby and I are married (going four in March!), I have not really sat down and written a meal plan. Or maybe I have, but it was only written in my head, not on paper. Haha.

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On Having a Small Space

Given our financial capacity at present, I think it’s only appropriate that we bought a tiny house. The mortgage payments are lower and the insurance premiums are smaller as compared to those of a big property.

I love having a tiny house. It’s easy to clean and easy to maintain. If something gets broken, we could easily have it repaired or replaced. Like when we had our built-in cabinet organizer updated, we didn’t spend much because it’s just a small one, too.

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Weekend Story: Anticipated Mass, North Park, Starbucks Card and Lotsa Sleep

We had another house guest last long weekend. It’s none other than my one and only brother Danison. I love it when I get to enjoy some quality time with my family. So I really made sure my brother and I would have a great time together. And we did! But of course, I had to make sure also the hubby was well-taken care of. All in all, I had two boys to take care of and I think I did just fine.

On our way home in Bacoor on Saturday afternoon (after Edwin’s classes have finished), we went to the Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life located at Mall of Asia complex for the 5:30p.m. anticipated mass. It was my first time there and I liked how spacious and solemn the place was.

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Pros and Cons of Our Current Living Arrangement

The hubby and I are in a somewhat weird living arrangement at present. Well, technically, we started with it right after we got married in 2012. You might ask, how weird? Read on.

On weekdays, we stay in Manila at my in-laws’ place. On weekends, we stay in our marital home in Bacoor. What we do each week is we would leave Manila on Friday night and drive to Bacoor and go back to Manila on Monday morning. This had been the case until the hubby started attending graduate school last month. From then onwards, we would leave Manila on Saturday night because his classes don’t get finished until 5:00 p.m of that day.

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Dealing with #GlendaPH

Yesterday was terrible. Scratch that, it was scary! Typhoon Glenda (international name: Rammasun) hit Central Luzon (which includes Manila) and Southern Luzon (which includes Bacoor) with its strong and deadly winds. Once again, it made us feel how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature. Trees got uprooted, house roofs flew away, glass walls were shattered, electric posts and billboards fell down, many areas got flooded and hundreds of families got displaced. Thankfully, only several casualties were reported.

Most of us survived typhoon Glenda with minimal to zero damage to our properties, and so we have to be really grateful. The hubby and I were at my PILs’ place yesterday and everything was quite manageable. Power went out in the morning but came back just before dusk. For many areas, power hasn’t been restored yet so we consider ourselves lucky.

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Home Improvement Project: Front Extension

Armed with the PhilHealth refund check we received in May, some extra money and additional funds from my PILs, we have finally pushed through the construction of our front extension. We hired our old contractor Ronald and his team for the job which took almost three weeks to finish.

the finished product (sorry it’s been raining a lot these days, hence, the sinampay)

We built concrete fences on both sides, a metal gate with matching metal grills in front, polycarbonate roofing and tiled flooring. We also asked Ronald to put a hanging sink with wooden counter tops (using my MIL’s narra scraps) in one corner so we could do some cooking and cleaning outside the house. This will come in handy when we’d have guests coming over or we’d suddenly decide to hold a last-minute party with our families.

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