A Birthday Lunch

Right after hearing mass, we had a birthday lunch in Malabon. Traffic was light so we didn’t have a hard time getting here. Its actually the boyfriend’s uncle’s birthday today and we’re here to join in the fun. The celebration is still ongoing. I had a hearty lunch and I particularly enjoyed the pork caldereta and the gambas. Yummy. I feel very at home; it must be because I’ve been here for a few times already. There’s internet connection so the blogger in me took advantage.

I like it here. The boyfriend’s uncle’s family is big. There are two babies that keep the house alive. They are both healthy and bubbly. They would smile and giggle for no reason. They’re a sight to behold. The boyfriend’s mom is having a great time playing with them. I played with them earlier and it was fun. I even urged the boyfriend to give them strollers come Christmas time, like those uppababy vista strollers I saw in a baby shopping site the other day while picking a gift for J, my best friend’s baby and my god child.

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Another Great Work Week

Work in the office has been little this week but I made sure to make the most of it. Productivity wise, I can say I have accomplished several things. Primarily of them is our office’s annual accomplishment report. No, it was not some tedious work that needed undivided attention. It has to be, but then, it helped that I made little preparations during the early part of this year. It also helped that my officemates were there to give me the data I needed to include in the report. Actually, I just collated the data, organized the information and gave some brief analysis. That’s the reason why I have finished it ahead of time.

Another thing that made the previous work week great is that we were finally allowed to file for monetization of our leave credits. It’s just 10 days but it still is money. And I need money at this point. My mom has been bugging me to buy her this cooling device for her Cavite home. This daughter is known for her obedience and heart when it comes to her family (ehem) and so, I might give in to her wish when my money arrives.

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Fire and Home Security

I was saddened by the news of a co-worker whose house got reduced to rubble due to fire just the other day. They barely saved their things. Now they are to start from scratch, no resources whatsoever. What’s worse is that her husband is unemployed. Our boss was kind enough to give them some money so they could buy food. I can only hope and pray that they recover from this tragedy soon.

Fire is really destructive. Over the years, it has claimed millions’ worth of properties and tens of thousands of lives. Here in Manila, fire normally happens during summer. It’s the reason why March is observed as fire prevention month here. However, despite the precautionary measures being taken, fire incidents occur all throughout the year due to either accident or plain negligence. What’s worse is that during the onset of a fire here, bad things continue to happen such as lack of water supply and even theft. I wonder if this happens in developed countries, too. As far as I know, houses in the USA and Europe have home automation system that do not only detect illegal activities but also the presence of smoke that could lead to fire thru smoke detector and regular video footage inside the home. Does that mean their homes are safer than ours? No doubt about that.

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Some Practical Household Tips

I just called MERALCO hotline 16211 and found out I have no bills to pay them for the month of March for our Cavite household. This happened because my parents (who are the current occupants there) have been staying with us here in Manila for more than a month now. They were supposed to stay here until after my brother’s birthday (February 23rd) only but they ended up staying longer than planned.

I can’t overemphasize the beauty and the advantages of living together as a family. Economically speaking, this translates to lesser expenses because we get to share meals, home supplies, and utilities. But this isn’t our normal setup and sooner or later, my parents will go back to where they like to live better, they’re humble Cavite abode.

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