I’m a Vicenarian, and You?

Aging is inevitable, and so is death. This realization hit me again this morning while I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. Though I don’t have facial lines/wrinkles yet (at least none that are very visible to the naked eye), I know it’s just a matter of time for them to appear in full glory. But I’m never afraid. Actually, I’m even looking forward to it because with aging comes a steady supply of wisdom and a wealth of experience.

But this post isn’t really about aging nor death. I just suddenly became amused with this list of age terms by decade that I happened to discover online:

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Good Job

Last weekend was a blast. It was fun and productive for me. On Saturday, I got to work and earn some money from my part-time work. I also finished some errands with the help of the fiancee. My achievement for the day? I was able to eat in moderation despite all the food temptations that surrounded me. Plus points for my weight loss efforts!

On Sunday, I spent the morning with the fiancee and his mom traveling to Cavite to check out his house. We were joined by two home builders which he had summoned to discuss some home improvement projects with. They agreed to push thru five projects first then the rest would follow after more funds get generated.

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I Heart Tomatoes

I love tomato-based dishes. I eat everything with tomatoes in it, from the simple tomato soup and the plain spaghetti in tomato sauce to the more gourmet Callos and Osso Buco. I have some Dole tomato sauce in doy packs in the kitchen (it’s a new product I heard!) and I plan to use it soon. I want to cook some pasta with Hungarian sausages. Yum.


Did you know that cooked tomatoes have more lycopene than fresh ones? Cooked and processed tomatoes are usually sold canned and in doy packs like these tomato sauces from Dole. If you’re a tomato lover like me, you will agree that it’s always wise to stock up on these products so you can always have them when you want them.

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Good De-cluttering

Last Sunday night, I got to clean up my closet and got rid of a pile of old clothes. One of my mom’s friends visited her in the house the other day. They haven’t seen each other for a long time and so they did a lot of catching up. I think they spent the entire afternoon chatting about each other’s lives and those of their other friends (now that’s not just chatting but gossiping, haha).

When her friend was about to leave, she asked my mom if we had old clothes to give to the less fortunate in their community. I thought the timing was perfect because I had kept a bag of old clothes to be given away to whoever wanted them. When I told her about it, she was elated and thanked us profusely.

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Just Another Long Weekend

Another long weekend is approaching and I’m one of those who are giddy with excitement about it. I need a break, and this is the kind of break I need. I have a few previous commitments but other than that, I’m good. If I get lucky, I might be able to spend the rest of the long weekend with my family in our Cavite abode and we might just push thru our swimming plans.

Speaking of our home, I just learned from mom that our electricity is back. Last week, an electric wire (the one connected to the electric meter) suddenly exploded. We were all here in Manila and it was our neighbor who reported it to us. She said it could be because of the heavy rains or something to that effect. It was a good thing we left the house with the main electric switch turned off so it was not affected by the power explosion. The repair alone cost me over a thousand pesos. When I paid for the electrician’s labor services, I knew I could no longer lend my brother money to buy one of those sleek samsung digital cameras he was eyeing online. So sorry, bro. You will have to wait next month for that.

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