Review: Keratin Smoothing and Balayage Color Treatments at Edwin Lisa Salon, Makati

It was my friend Monette from LCDTM and my SIL Albie who introduced me to this cozy little salon in Makati . They go there annually to have their hair rebonded and they get very good results each time. Add to that the fact that the prices at this salon are reasonable. So, one time, I had my hair rebonded there and even blogged about my experience here.


After five years, I visited the salon again last Saturday to accompany my sister Jodie and my mom there. Jodie had her hair cut, colored and rebonded while my mom had her hair cut and colored only.

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Short Hair for Summer

I had my hair cut last Saturday. I found it quite a challenge to wear my hair long in this kind of heat so I chose a short hair style for myself. It was a good decision. Now I feel better than ever. Haha.

summer ‘do

Volume kung volume, diba? I plan to get a rebond or a straightening treatment (as my past rebond treatments didn’t have a lasting impact on my hair) soon so pardon the waves for now. Actually, a friend said bagay naman the waves. Let’s see if my mind will change because of that compliment.

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My First Pearl Jewelry

My first pearl jewelry is a pair of white South Sea pearl earrings. I got it as a surprise gift from a Davao-based friend yesterday. It’s funny because I was just telling another friend last Saturday about how cheap South Sea pearls are in Palawan and how I’ve been wanting to go there someday to shop for my first pearl jewelry. I didn’t know I’d get it early, and unexpectedly at that!

aren’t they a beauty?

So yeah, I was a very lucky girl yesterday. I got my first pearl jewelry effortlessly it just landed in my lap. And for that, I felt so blessed. I’m actually wearing my 10.0 mm, semi-round white South Sea pearl earrings set in silver today at work. Despite their small size (some can go as big as 18.0 mm), they have very good reflection quality, just like the others of their kind.

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Read My Lips

Note: I just thought the title sounded cool so I used it for this post.

Anyway, this post is really about lip care. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my mom which I’m still trying hard to apply to my daily life, that would be putting on lipstick. You see, I have a mother who never leaves the house without colored lips. She says it makes her look presentable even sans make-up.

me and my colored lips

As for me, I refuse to buy my own lipstick. It’s not in my priority list despite the fact that I now put on lipstick almost every day when I go to work. (That is, when I don’t forget about it!) All my lipsticks were given to me. At present, I think I have seven: one Ever Bilena, one Beauty Treats, one Elizabeth Arden two Avon and two from brands I don’t recall at the moment. I use them alternately so they don’t get empty fast.

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New Braces, New Dentist

After two years of wearing braces, I’m still a braces-wearer. But it’s a new set this time installed by a new dentist. I won’t say my former dentist isn’t good, because she is. Perhaps, she’s just not good enough. And I know I am to be blamed as well because at some point, I became a disobedient and uncooperative patient.

I had to get a new set of braces because some of my teeth moved badly. The result was undesirable and so I decided to have the affected teeth corrected by getting a new dentist to work on it. Given that, I had to pay for the services just like before. (The process had to start all over again as well.) Unfortunately for me, it was way more expensive than I expected. That, even if I had already been given a big discount.

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I Need a Haircut!

When I took a bath this morning, I suddenly noticed that my hair has grown so long I was already having a hard time shampooing it. I don’t know if it’s just my condition (preggy, remember?) or I’m getting bored with my hair.

Is it safe to get a haircut when pregnant? I mean, is there some superstitious belief out there that pertains to it? Sorry, I’m just being careful here not to hurt the elderly people’s feelings.

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