New Braces, New Dentist

After two years of wearing braces, I’m still a braces-wearer. But it’s a new set this time installed by a new dentist. I won’t say my former dentist isn’t good, because she is. Perhaps, she’s just not good enough. And I know I am to be blamed as well because at some point, I became a disobedient and uncooperative patient.

I had to get a new set of braces because some of my teeth moved badly. The result was undesirable and so I decided to have the affected teeth corrected by getting a new dentist to work on it. Given that, I had to pay for the services just like before. (The process had to start all over again as well.) Unfortunately for me, it was way more expensive than I expected. That, even if I had already been given a big discount.

Ah, the price (literally and figuratively!) one has to pay for vanity and self-respect. 🙂

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