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I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been preoccupied with work and lazy with anything that is not work-related. But today, I felt like I needed to share some life updates that I could look back on in the future. So, here are some things that happened to me and my little family since my last blog post:

1. One weekend in April, I invited over my friends way back during my Jollibee days (circa 2000s) when I was still a working student in college. It was a reunion of sorts and I was happy they took time to be with me and my little family. We had a Korean dinner courtesy of Than’s samgyupsal business (he’s the other male in the photo).

with my Jollibee friends

2. Back in May, we had a short family vacation in Bohol, the hubby’s province. Baby NJ met some of her relatives there for the very first time. We also spent a night in Panglao Island so she was able to enjoy the beach again (she said she had so much fun there!).

family time

3. I got COVID-19 in June, my second bout with the disease. Same symptoms of sore throat and dry cough. I endured and survived it. Thank God!

4. We have a new boss in the office. As coterminous employees, we need to get reappointed to our respective positions and we’re still waiting for that. *fingers crossed*

5. Good news to no. 4 is that our salary still gets processed, albeit with some delays.

6. My family is okay. Baby NJ is growing so fast in all aspects! To say that we are having a fantastic time as parents is an understatement. So, so, so grateful to the one above.

7. Two years after I gave birth to our rainbow baby, I’m still fat. Blame that to Citibank’s 50% off promo in all The Bistro Group restaurants every Saturday. Haha. But I’m working on my fatness because I don’t want to spend money on bigger clothes!

8. The hubby and I have finally finished paying our 5-year car mortgage last month. Our last payment was July 3rd, to be exact. We’re so happy about this particular life update. The plan is to maximize the use of British (our beloved Hyundai Accent car) until he gives up on us. To British’s more years of service to us!

our other baby 😛

9. We took baby NJ to St. Pio Shrine in Batangas one weekend in July.

hi, there!

10. We’re still looking for a renter/leaser for our Bacoor condo. It’s a nice property in a resort-living community in a good location. Plus, it’s already semi-furnished. If you know anyone interested, please let me know.

11. My parents-in-law (PILs) are back from Bohol last July 23rd. They will be staying with us until they decide to travel back to Bohol again.

12. We celebrated my PILs’ 51st wedding anniversary last July 30th (it was supposed to be the 31st but we opted for an earlier celebration to fit everyone’s sched). We rented a private pool near our place and invited Mama Tining’s brother Kuya Cito and his big family over.

our big group

my PILs still happy together after 51 years

pool time

13. We also celebrated Mame’s 68th birthday through a family dinner.

the Mabalays

14. The hubby has recently made it a “devotion” to visit Baclaran Church one Sunday morning of each month with me. We light candles and hear whatever is left of the hourly mass service there. It doubles as our couple time na rin so it’s a win-win for us.

with the hubby

And that’s it. August is here, the feared “ghost month,” so let’s all hope for better days ahead, friends. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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