On Boys and Cars

The hubby is so much into cars. He said it started when he was still a little boy. His dad, my FIL, is a family driver to an old-rich family and so he got exposed to different cars (mostly high-end models) at an early age. When he felt he could already afford a car of his own, he pushed for it in 2011 and so he now drives his own car (which I get to drive, too!).

Aside from reading about cars online and listening to car/tech podcasts, the hubby collects Top Gear magazines. Acquiring car knowledge is his only vice (and gadgets, too!) as he doesn’t smoke nor drink. Right now, he’s curious about kmc wheels and other car accessories. Oh, boys and their fascination with cars!

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GoDaddy Renewal Codes and Why a Distant Domain Club Membership is Not for Me

I almost forgot that it’s that time of the year again to renew my domains. For people out there with self-hosted blogs, you’d know what I meant by that. The privilege of a .com has a price, one that we pay normally on a yearly basis. For my three domains (I used to have more!), I’ve been with GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com) since 2008 because it’s so easy to transact with them and they’re very good at reminding customers about the health of their accounts.

I usually renew my domains a month before expiration. I also use promo codes or discount codes scattered online when renewing my domains so I could save money. I just type in the code during checkout right before paying for my order and that’s it. If before, I could renew my domains at $8.29 each, sometimes even less, now it’s impossible to do that. Recently, GoDaddy has stopped giving out renewal codes and offered discount domain club memberships instead. Why, oh why?

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Driving Skills

I’m a new driver and I know I still have tons of things to learn when it comes to driving properly and safely. I’m just so happy to report that I just claimed my driver’s license ID this morning at LTO-Tayuman District Office. I applied for it last May 2nd and after 26 days, my ID’s here! Good job, LTO-Tayuman!

this is it!

My driving journey has just begun. And I’m so excited about it. So far, I’ve driven in Bacoor and in Manila. I still have many places in my to-drive-in list. Hopefully, I can cross out all of them soon. I also hope the hubby will be as cooperative as possible. Haha.

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Review: Shakey’s PCM App

One random night last week, the hubby was craving for pizza. He then called up Shakey’s delivery and after less than an hour, received two boxes of hand-tossed pizza at a buy one, take one promo using his Shakey’s Supercard.

Just the other night, it was me who was craving for pizza naman. It was a good thing that I learned about the Shakey’s PCM app. (PCM stands for pizza, chicken and mojos.) Instead of dialing Shakey’s delivery hotline and talking to a real person to place my order, I used the app to order my pizza. It’s quite easy to use. I just keyed in my Supercard number (the hubby’s, actually), chose your pizza/chicken/mojos, proceeded to checkout and sent my order via 3G (wifi is okay, too). After a few minutes, I received a call from a Shakey’s crew confirming my order and informing me how long the delivery would take. You see, they have this policy that if you received your pizza late, it’s free. I didn’t experience getting free pizza, though, because my order arrived on time. I guess luck wasn’t on my side then. Haha.

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How to Use an iPhone 5

No, this is not a step-by-step guide on using Apple’s latest phone but rather, just a quick story about my officemate who happens to the owner of a new iPhone 5. He asked me to help him familiarize himself with his new phone. Since I use an iPhone 4 and the hubby uses an iPhone 5 (which I get to borrow once in a while), I thought I was qualified for the task and said yes immediately. Actually, it was the hubby who had configured his phone so he could start using it.

So, for our first lesson, we started with texting. When he got used to the multi-touch user interface of his phone in sending messages to his family and friends, we went on to transferring music files from YouTube to his phone. I had him download this cool app from the AppStore that lets you do just that and more. He liked it. He said he’d download more music files and a couple of movies, too, for listening and viewing at home.

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