Lusting Over a New Gadget

The mobile phone I’m using at present is a Nokia E63. It’s been with me since last year and so far, it’s been working perfectly. I’m careless (or is it clumsy?) when it comes to my phone. It slips through my hands without my knowing it. Accidents do happen, but in the case of my phone, I think I’m the accident that it needs to guard itself from at all times.

But my Nokia E63 is a tough gadget. The jelly bean case that holds it makes it all the more durable. Despite the many times I’ve dropped it on the floor (at varying heights and degrees), it has remained in tip-top shape. I have come to realize that this is the right phone for me. I couldn’t ask for more, until I saw some tablet touch screens at SM Cyberzone the other day. I was torn between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There was also the Blackberry Playbook which had sleek and stylish design.

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My Brother is Buying a New Desktop!

The laptop we have at home has been in need of repair since last year. One day it just went super slow and using it meant we had to wait ten years before it would even start up. We tried formatting it to correct the problem, but to no avail. According to the fiancee, it could be due to memory or hard disk damage. Did I mention its battery was busted, too?

Classes are opening soon and the need for a computer is presenting itself again. My brother who’s a new teacher, for instance, needs one at home so he could prepare presentations and other instructional materials. My two siblings, who are in college, need a PC as well to keep up with their school requirements. Given the situation, we think it’s about time we have our laptop repaired or we get a new desktop. My brother suggested that we do the latter and he’d be the one to shoulder the expenses. He said he’d forego his plan to get life insurance for now. (I saw him the other night scrutinizing various cheap life insurance qoutes over at via his mobile phone internet.)

My brother’s intention to pay for the new desktop sounded good to me, so I said yes. Haha. I might pay for the internet subscription to complement the desktop, but I’m still undecided about it. I’ll see what I can do when I check my payslip for the salary increase we’re getting starting next month.

My Organizational Skills

Recently, I have noticed that I tend to forget about things. For example, I’m about to do something and then after a minute I’d totally forget about it. To correct this problem, I have made it a habit to write things down and set an alarm on my phone. It has proven to be effective.

I have also noticed that I tend to get excited over things, especially when they are creative and innovative in nature. It’s a different case when something would allow me to make money…I get uber excited! Haha. To balance things out, I list them down and make plans. Yes, I love making plans and brainstorming on how I could execute them well.

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Bejeweled 2 on iPod Touch 4G

I just noticed that in the past few days, I have been using my iPod Touch 4G at night just before I sleep. I am more on games and it seems it’s my way to lulling myself to sleep. I know that I am about to sleep when the screen of the iPod Touch would look blurry to me, and my eyes couldn’t open in its full wideness anymore. Among the games I play, I enjoy Bejeweled 2 the most.

Bejeweled 2 is the sequel to the gem-swapping puzzler that people from around the world loved. I was actually one of those people. I have been playing Bejeweled since I started working full time. Haha. Before it was just Bejeweled the classic version. And then I got introduced to Bejeweled 2 and even Bejeweled Blitz which I used to play via Facebook.

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Fire and Home Security

I was saddened by the news of a co-worker whose house got reduced to rubble due to fire just the other day. They barely saved their things. Now they are to start from scratch, no resources whatsoever. What’s worse is that her husband is unemployed. Our boss was kind enough to give them some money so they could buy food. I can only hope and pray that they recover from this tragedy soon.

Fire is really destructive. Over the years, it has claimed millions’ worth of properties and tens of thousands of lives. Here in Manila, fire normally happens during summer. It’s the reason why March is observed as fire prevention month here. However, despite the precautionary measures being taken, fire incidents occur all throughout the year due to either accident or plain negligence. What’s worse is that during the onset of a fire here, bad things continue to happen such as lack of water supply and even theft. I wonder if this happens in developed countries, too. As far as I know, houses in the USA and Europe have home automation system that do not only detect illegal activities but also the presence of smoke that could lead to fire thru smoke detector and regular video footage inside the home. Does that mean their homes are safer than ours? No doubt about that.

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