Computer Education for my Parents

If there are people who need computer education, that would be our parents. If you’re like me who’s in her late 20’s, chances are your parents are now in their late 50’s and do not know how to use the computer. Unless they are working in an office or they get to use computers at home, our parents need some computer lessons to appreciate their lives, and ours, better.

As for me, I felt it was my obligation to teach my parents about the wonders of computer and the internet. I believe that since we live in the same world and get exposed to the same technological advances, our parents have to keep up with these developments as well.

I started introducing my parents to the PC two years ago. My dad showed interest first and learned quite fast. I remember he got addicted to Plants vs. Zombies last year (he would play the game on the PC 12 hours daily). Funny because he’d get so emotionally attached with his plants that whenever they’d get injured by the evil zombies, he’d get mad and would act like a father to ’em poor plants. I bet if he could get the services of personal injury attorneys tucson, he won’t hesitate to file a case against their enemies. He’s that concerned.

When I got my iPod Touch 4G, it was Tap Defense that my father got hooked on. My mom, on the other hand, became fascinated with Facebook as soon as I created her account. Along with my sister N, my mom checks out photos of her relatives and friends on FB regularly. She has yet to use the PC on her own but she’s already familiar with its parts and how it works. Actually, she’s more interested in the internet than the many functions of the PC. But that’s okay. Sooner or later, I’m confident she’ll learn everything.

Once I get this elusive opportunity that I’ve been working on for a while now, I’ll push thru my plan of getting a desktop and a DSL subscription for our house. Everyone in the family has been looking forward to this. I hope it happens soon.

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    1. my mom only knows how to look at FB photos. yet. she’s funny because she’d always ask my sister N to accompany her to the internet cafe just so she could view photos of her friends on FB. and comment to her friends’ status updates using her account thru nyam. haha. 🙂

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