Tea Party for my Godchildren

Last Christmas 2013, I threw a tea party for my godchildren at our Bacoor home. (I know, super late post!) 🙂 It was attended by just two of my godchildren along with their mommies and several cousins. I think I had a total of 10 guests then which I fed with my own cooking and some store-bought fruits, nuts and candies. Of course, we had tea as drink to complete the experience.

the hostess (a.k.a. yours truly) with my simple spread

It was my first time to host a tea party and it proved to be fun and challenging for me at the same time. Because the tea party was scheduled at 3pm, I went to the supermarket the day before to buy the supplies I needed. On the day of the event itself, I woke up early to bake some chocolate chip cookies and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, prepare some bite-sized whole wheat sandwiches and whip up my special linguini carbonara.

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On Christmas Songs and Christmas Caroling

When I was a kid, I would join other kids in our neighbourhood to go Christmas caroling. Our Christmas songs were limited but we would always manage to impress people with our loud and cheery voices. They say children have the sweetest and most soothing voice, and I guess that’s what we had back then that allowed us to make other people happy and enjoy this wonderful Christmas tradition.

With my out-of-tune voice today, I’ve never really had the guts to join any Christmas carol group, or any singing group for that matter. I remember I was once invited by a friend to join her choir group but I declined. One time she even requested me to find her a guitar mini at musicians friend that she could use in singing with her group. She said guitars are your best friend when it comes to Christmas caroling. She was really passionate about singing and I really admire her for that.

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Music Then and Now

In our family, I think I’m just the only one who is not musically-inclined. Among the six of us, it’s just my dad and my youngest sister who have musical talents. The rest are just music fans.

I remember my dad used to share stories about his stint as the guitar guy at church. He said the music then was light and mellow unlike today’s music that’s loud and rough. Back then, they used affordable mpc renaissance that powered up their sound system and helped produce great music for their choir group. Now, everything is digital. As long as you have the resources like PC and internet connection, you can make your own music and even share it with the world.

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Into Movies

Lately, I’ve been watching movies again. No, not in the cinema because that’s costly and I’m on a tight budget these days. Haha. I just watch movies online via streaming. When I have the chance and my siblings are cooperative, I ask them to download a few movies using torrent which I then transfer to my USB for viewing at home during the weekends.

I just watch a film or two in a day. I noticed that I’m gravitated towards 90’s movies. I dunno, it must be because I was just a teen when these movies were shown and there’s a big chance I haven’t seen most of them yet. Well, I really like old movies and the ones from the 90’s I consider old already. Older than that and I normally lose interest, unless of course it’s a classic and the plot is interesting enough.

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Rock of Ages Repeat Run

Two weekends ago, the hubby and I, along with his family, got the chance to watch the repeat run of Rock of Ages starring MiG Ayesa, Vina Morales and Nyoy Volante, among others. The smash hit musical of 2012 has been brought back here in Manila by the same group, Atlantis Productions. The venue remains to be at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of RCBC Plaza in Makati and the musical will be shown there until July 28, 2013.

We watched the special screening before and we loved it. The repeat run was just as good. The rock songs were sung boldly and the cast was once again superb. Even the electric guitarists of the band there performed well, stepping on the loop pedal with grace and ease. The loop pedal at musicians friend looks superior than the one they were using, but they still did their part that night.

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Family Movie Date

Last night was relaxing and fun as I joined the hubby and his family to a movie date. We watched Four Sisters and a Wedding, the latest Star Cinema film. At around 7pm, we headed to SM Manila and bought last full show tickets. Then we had dinner at Chow King, picked up some items at Watsons and grabbed some popcorn and bottled water before heading to the cinema to watch the movie.

Four Sisters and a Wedding was very entertaining and hilarious. It had the right mix of comedy, drama and some real life lessons on family, success, love and forgiveness. Among the cast, I liked Tony Gonzaga (Teddy) and Bea Alonzo (Bobby)’s acting the most. The former for giving comedic relief to the movie along with his pretend boyfriend Janus del Prado (Frodo) and the latter for her brilliant dramatic portrayal during those crucial family confrontation scenes.

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