Music Then and Now

In our family, I think I’m just the only one who is not musically-inclined. Among the six of us, it’s just my dad and my youngest sister who have musical talents. The rest are just music fans.

I remember my dad used to share stories about his stint as the guitar guy at church. He said the music then was light and mellow unlike today’s music that’s loud and rough. Back then, they used affordable mpc renaissance that powered up their sound system and helped produce great music for their choir group. Now, everything is digital. As long as you have the resources like PC and internet connection, you can make your own music and even share it with the world.

Music then and now may be different, but they both have their own following. The older generation prefers the music of yesterday while the younger generation likes the music of today. I guess it’s just a matter of taste and acceptance.

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