Music Then and Now

In our family, I think I’m just the only one who is not musically-inclined. Among the six of us, it’s just my dad and my youngest sister who have musical talents. The rest are just music fans.

I remember my dad used to share stories about his stint as the guitar guy at church. He said the music then was light and mellow unlike today’s music that’s loud and rough. Back then, they used affordable mpc renaissance that powered up their sound system and helped produce great music for their choir group. Now, everything is digital. As long as you have the resources like PC and internet connection, you can make your own music and even share it with the world.

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Saving While Shopping

As a self-confessed cheapskate and a trying-hard frugal person, I try to stick to my budget every time I’m out shopping for our home, my husband or myself. I admit to doing impulsive shopping on occasions, though. But then, I still make sure that I get full value for my money.

The idea of saving while shopping thrills me. Promos like buy 1 take 1, up to 70% off and the likes appeal to me like they’re some sort of pampering services waiting to be enjoyed. It must be due to the fact that I always challenge myself not just to stick to my budget but if possible, spend less than what I intended to as well.

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Musical Instruments as Home Decors

Musical instruments are meant to be played. But in some houses where the people who bought them have stopped playing them, or are away to use them, musical instruments become home decors. Pianos, for instance, are natural home decors. They are usually seen in the living room of affluent families here in Manila.

If our house were bigger, I would have placed a guitar in the living room as wall accent, complete with the exciting Alfred Guitar Tablature at musician’s friend. But we live in a tiny space, and having a guitar lying somewhere is definitely not a good decorating idea.

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Rock Stars Rock

My brother’s outfit today is inspired by a rock star. He went to work this morning wearing all black with matching skull accessories for a fierce look. All that’s missing is a new epiphone dot and he could pass as member of a rock band. My brother is a teacher and because classes have been over recently (at least in their school), he’s now finishing the grades of his students wearing civilian clothes.

Speaking of rock bands, I really admire the way they express themselves through their clothing and the intense energy they have when performing on stage. Those electric guitars and other musical paraphernalia they use speak a lot about their freedom of expression and distinct individuality.

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