Baby NJ’s Second Birthday Celebration

Our rainbow baby’s second birthday last Monday (February 7th) was celebrated simply and without fanfare. The hubby and I had a limited budget and we never really wanted to spend so much for it in the first place. I think what’s more important is that we made her happy with the few gifts she received and the unlimited supply of love and warmth from all of us at home.

To brighten up our house on our daughter’s special day, I just bought some balloons for decoration and had food ordered in advance. Okay, I must admit I splurged a bit on her birthday cake. I got introduced to this baker on IG from one of the IG posts of my blogger friend Je. I instantly liked her work (she’s good at making detailed fondant cakes!) so I told myself, one day I’ll ask her to make my daughter’s birthday cake. Then came baby NJ’s second birthday and I needed a good fondant cake artist. It proved to be a great decision because baby NJ’s cake for her second birthday looked amazing!

Here are some more photos from baby NJ’s little birthday party:

baby NJ’s Super Jojo-themed birthday cake (thank you again, @bakedbypamcakes on IG!)

a lot of Mommy’s favorite food for baby NJ’s birthday spread 😛

and just like that, she’s 2!

playing with her balloons

eating time

play time naman 😛

To all our family and friends who sent their greetings (and gifts) to our baby daughter both online and offline, thank you so much for the love. God bless and stay safe always!

May you choose happiness always,

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