On Christmas Songs and Christmas Caroling

When I was a kid, I would join other kids in our neighbourhood to go Christmas caroling. Our Christmas songs were limited but we would always manage to impress people with our loud and cheery voices. They say children have the sweetest and most soothing voice, and I guess that’s what we had back then that allowed us to make other people happy and enjoy this wonderful Christmas tradition.

With my out-of-tune voice today, I’ve never really had the guts to join any Christmas carol group, or any singing group for that matter. I remember I was once invited by a friend to join her choir group but I declined. One time she even requested me to find her a guitar mini at musicians friend that she could use in singing with her group. She said guitars are your best friend when it comes to Christmas caroling. She was really passionate about singing and I really admire her for that.

Here in Manila, Christmas caroling starts around the first week of December. While most groups are composed of kids, others are organized by adults and even professional musicians. As early as now, Christmas is already in the air. I can’t wait to hear these people singing again. 🙂

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