A Blue-Themed Christmas

Despite of what has happened in the Visayas recently, Filipinos still had a reason to observe Christmas here in the Philippines. In our family, we’ve always celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ simply but meaningfully. We give and receive gifts and we partake of our Noche Buena when the clock strikes 12 (midnight).

the Mabalays and our simple Noche Buena feast

As what the hubby and I had agreed upon before, we joined the Christmas celebration of my family in Naic last December 25. For New Year, the celebration will be with his family at our home in Bacoor. I’m glad that we are able to celebrate these joyous occasions with both sides and that this setup works fine for everybody.

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On Christmas Songs and Christmas Caroling

When I was a kid, I would join other kids in our neighbourhood to go Christmas caroling. Our Christmas songs were limited but we would always manage to impress people with our loud and cheery voices. They say children have the sweetest and most soothing voice, and I guess that’s what we had back then that allowed us to make other people happy and enjoy this wonderful Christmas tradition.

With my out-of-tune voice today, I’ve never really had the guts to join any Christmas carol group, or any singing group for that matter. I remember I was once invited by a friend to join her choir group but I declined. One time she even requested me to find her a guitar mini at musicians friend that she could use in singing with her group. She said guitars are your best friend when it comes to Christmas caroling. She was really passionate about singing and I really admire her for that.

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Holiday Rush

Going to the mall a few days before Christmas is not the best idea I had today. SM Bacoor this afternoon when we went there, and up to the time we left it, was jampacked with people. I really felt the holiday rush each second I was there. Like seriously.

Good thing I was with the hubby and my brother who are very patient people. They let me do my thing (what else but shopping!) without rushing me up. While my brother and I were looking for gifts to complete our lists, the hubby hit the cinema house to watch a movie.

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Christmas Money

Are you the kind who allot a particular amount of money for Christmas? I am. And I do this for other special occasions as well. This Christmas, I’m relying on the bonuses I am expecting to receive at work. Hopefully, our employer gives it on time for me to be able to shop gifts for my loved ones. I can’t wait.

I actually have a list in my head. I have already bought some items on it while the others I have yet to acquire. I also have some things that I want for the house. It’s like giving our house the Christmas gifts it deserves. These include new towels and bed sheets, new set of plates and some cushion for chair (just because the removable cushion of our dining chairs are already out of shape!).

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A Shopping Ban before Christmas

It’s the first day of September and here in Manila, the start of the -ber months only means one thing – Christmas Season! You see, we have one of the longest (if not the longest) Christmas celebrations in the world, and proud of it. As early as now, I want to save up as much money as I can to prepare for another fun and meaningful Christmas with my family and loved ones. To make sure I would be able to do this, I have decided to impose something upon myself. I’ll be on a shopping ban until November 30. Yes, that’s right.

By shopping ban, I mean keeping myself from buying any material thing for myself (gadgets, clothes, accessories, and the likes) until the date I specified. The exception here is the little shopping (for pasalubongs) I am doing in my upcoming trip abroad. My determination and discipline will now be officially put to the test. This will literally translate to keeping myself away from the cash drawer of my fave shops (I always try to pay in cash, you know). For sure, it’s gonna be a tough challenge for me. So help me God.

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