A Blue-Themed Christmas

Despite of what has happened in the Visayas recently, Filipinos still had a reason to observe Christmas here in the Philippines. In our family, we’ve always celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ simply but meaningfully. We give and receive gifts and we partake of our Noche Buena when the clock strikes 12 (midnight).

the Mabalays and our simple Noche Buena feast

As what the hubby and I had agreed upon before, we joined the Christmas celebration of my family in Naic last December 25. For New Year, the celebration will be with his family at our home in Bacoor. I’m glad that we are able to celebrate these joyous occasions with both sides and that this setup works fine for everybody.

If our last year’s color motiff was red, this year it was blue. It wasn’t because we were sad but because blue is a soothing color. It is also associated with sensitivity, depth, trust, loyalty, faith and stability. These are the traits we would like to see and feel more of not only from our family but more importantly, from those families whose lives have been ruined or permanently destroyed by the recent calamities that hit our country.

Merry Christmas to all! 🙂

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