A Blue-Themed Christmas

Despite of what has happened in the Visayas recently, Filipinos still had a reason to observe Christmas here in the Philippines. In our family, we’ve always celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ simply but meaningfully. We give and receive gifts and we partake of our Noche Buena when the clock strikes 12 (midnight).

the Mabalays and our simple Noche Buena feast

As what the hubby and I had agreed upon before, we joined the Christmas celebration of my family in Naic last December 25. For New Year, the celebration will be with his family at our home in Bacoor. I’m glad that we are able to celebrate these joyous occasions with both sides and that this setup works fine for everybody.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas has finally arrived! I hope you are having a merry one. The hubby and I joined my family for Noche Buena last midnight and we just got back home from my parents’ place this morning.

On our way home, we saw lots of children dressed to the nines ready to pay their godparents a visit for their aguinaldo. I felt happy just looking at them. Oh what joy the Christmas spirit brings!

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Food as Christmas Gift

It’s not everyday that we are gifted with food and more food. This usually happens during the Christmas season when people give food as presents to their friends. Binge eating during Christmas becomes more tempting with the many food choices we get as presents.

This is especially true in our office where food gifts come aplenty. They are mostly in bread and pastry forms. Even the food gifts received by our boss she happily shares with us. Opening these presents never fails to put big smiles on my face and those of my officemates. Good thing our boys have a heavy duty cutter (that looks like a Martor USA box cutter!) on stand by which makes opening a lot easier. Haha.

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The Joy of Gift Wrapping

While opening presents gives me a sense of gratitude and fulfillment, I find joy in gift-wrapping and see it as a fun-filled activity. It all starts with buying the gift items. Then you choose the perfect wrappers and ribbons for them. Just the thought of gift-wrapping is enough to excite me and give me a sense of joy.

This Christmas, I prefer doing all the gift-wrapping again. I only have a few gifts to wrap but I’ll make sure they’d be beautifully-made. I’m kinda meticulous when it comes to these things. Hopefully, I find enough time to do it before I run out of gift and gift-wrapping ideas. Haha.

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Personalized Christmas Gifts

While checking out some online shops for potential Christmas gifts to family and friends, an idea popped out of my head. What if instead of giving them ready-made gifts this year, I give them something that’s made especially for them? Admit it or not, there’s something about personalized gifts that make our hearts melt. And since the occasion is as merry as the coming Christmas, then these kind of gifts will surely be much appreciated.

I have given personalized mugs and face towels before. I want something different for this year. I’m thinking of making some hand-made accessories especially for my girl friends. How about personalized holiday cards for my family? The text inside could be hand-written or not, so long as it has my heartwarming message and signature or anything that will add a personal touch to it.

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My Early Christmas Wishlist

Who says you can’t wish earlier than usual? Since it’s September already, I thought of putting together my Christmas wishlist. While I am used to the joy of giving Christmas presents, receiving them is a delight on its own. This isn’t final yet, but just in case my friends are somewhere out there reading this blog…here are 10 items that would surely make my Christmas this year more memorable:

1. an all-expense paid trip
2. a good book
3. GCs
4. a sturdy satchel bag
5. Panasonic Lumix GF3
6. Accessorize necklaces
7. Table Rock real estate
8. Dorothy Perkins black quilted bag
9. kitchen showcase
10. cash!!!
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