A Blue-Themed Christmas

Despite of what has happened in the Visayas recently, Filipinos still had a reason to observe Christmas here in the Philippines. In our family, we’ve always celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ simply but meaningfully. We give and receive gifts and we partake of our Noche Buena when the clock strikes 12 (midnight).

the Mabalays and our simple Noche Buena feast

As what the hubby and I had agreed upon before, we joined the Christmas celebration of my family in Naic last December 25. For New Year, the celebration will be with his family at our home in Bacoor. I’m glad that we are able to celebrate these joyous occasions with both sides and that this setup works fine for everybody.

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Landmark Shopping with my Girls

I dream of the time when I could be seen shopping with my daughters. Not one, but two. But since I don’t have any daughters yet, shopping with the girls in my life will do for now. These girls are my mom and my two sisters. They went with me last Saturday to Landmark Makati to shop, shop, and shop.

mom and sis no. 1 at Landmark’s foodcourt

I just love shopping with my girls. With them, I can peruse through racks and racks of clothes without worry. With them, I can try on clothes for as long as I want. With them, I can shop, then stop and eat and go back to shopping again. These things I cannot do freely with my girl friends because we always have limited time when we’re out shopping together.
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads

Unlike mothers, fathers are kinda hard to buy presents for. This is especially true when you’re a girl and you want the best Christmas gift for your dad. When I married the hubby, I got another dad (his father) to think of when buying presents for every occasion there is.

Luckily for me, both my dad and the hubby’s dad are easy to please. My dad has always wanted the same thing for Christmas — clothes. So I just go with him to the mall and let him choose what kinds of clothes he wants for himself. As with my FIL, he is very fond of tools. You know, those screw drivers, pliers and stuff. He likes to collect them. So I might just browse through shopping sites like reid’s site that sells these stuff and hope I could find something there to give him on Christmas Day.

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On Christmas Songs and Christmas Caroling

When I was a kid, I would join other kids in our neighbourhood to go Christmas caroling. Our Christmas songs were limited but we would always manage to impress people with our loud and cheery voices. They say children have the sweetest and most soothing voice, and I guess that’s what we had back then that allowed us to make other people happy and enjoy this wonderful Christmas tradition.

With my out-of-tune voice today, I’ve never really had the guts to join any Christmas carol group, or any singing group for that matter. I remember I was once invited by a friend to join her choir group but I declined. One time she even requested me to find her a guitar mini at musicians friend that she could use in singing with her group. She said guitars are your best friend when it comes to Christmas caroling. She was really passionate about singing and I really admire her for that.

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Saving While Shopping

As a self-confessed cheapskate and a trying-hard frugal person, I try to stick to my budget every time I’m out shopping for our home, my husband or myself. I admit to doing impulsive shopping on occasions, though. But then, I still make sure that I get full value for my money.

The idea of saving while shopping thrills me. Promos like buy 1 take 1, up to 70% off and the likes appeal to me like they’re some sort of pampering services waiting to be enjoyed. It must be due to the fact that I always challenge myself not just to stick to my budget but if possible, spend less than what I intended to as well.

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Gifts for my Godchildren

I only have a few godchildren, so few I can count them with just my right hand. It’s a different case with my husband. I think his number of godchildren is directly proportional to his age. Like, seriously. He’s 30+ and his godchildren are 30+, too. I can’t imagine all these kids knocking in our door all at the same time on Christmas Day. For sure, they won’t fit in our tiny house. Haha.

Back to my godchildren, one of them is a girl with special needs. Her name is Jazz and she’s the daughter of my bestfriend Mitch. While chatting with her mom last night, Mitch mentioned to me that Jazz likes singing a lot. She said she’d be in her best mood everytime she would bring out the mic and do videoke sessions with the rest of their family.

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