Gifts for my Godchildren

I only have a few godchildren, so few I can count them with just my right hand. It’s a different case with my husband. I think his number of godchildren is directly proportional to his age. Like, seriously. He’s 30+ and his godchildren are 30+, too. I can’t imagine all these kids knocking in our door all at the same time on Christmas Day. For sure, they won’t fit in our tiny house. Haha.

Back to my godchildren, one of them is a girl with special needs. Her name is Jazz and she’s the daughter of my bestfriend Mitch. While chatting with her mom last night, Mitch mentioned to me that Jazz likes singing a lot. She said she’d be in her best mood everytime she would bring out the mic and do videoke sessions with the rest of their family.

She also said she’s a big fan of Taylor Swift. She also loves watching her concerts on TV and DVD. If I had money, I’ll buy her an exceptional lapel microphone system at musician’s friend so she could sing like how Taylor Swift does when she’s performing in concerts. I’m sure she’d be thrilled to the bones!

Anyway, my gifts for my godchildren this Christmas are gonna be educational toys. I want them to enjoy being a kid while learning something at the same time. I’m glad to have beautiful and smart godchildren. I can’t wait to see them again this Christmas as I don’t see them often.

Have you finished shopping gifts for your godchildren? What did you buy?

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