Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

If you have a music lover friend or family member, what would you get him/her for Christmas? I can only think of a few things. Why not a personalized CD with a compilation of his/her favorite songs? How about a ticket to a local concert? Or better yet, a gift certificate to some record bar or online music store?

If he/she’s talented and can play a musical instrument, why not gift him/her with a badass guitar from the Gibson launch? There are actually more fun stuff to give them, you just have to think a bit.

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Gifts for my Godchildren

I only have a few godchildren, so few I can count them with just my right hand. It’s a different case with my husband. I think his number of godchildren is directly proportional to his age. Like, seriously. He’s 30+ and his godchildren are 30+, too. I can’t imagine all these kids knocking in our door all at the same time on Christmas Day. For sure, they won’t fit in our tiny house. Haha.

Back to my godchildren, one of them is a girl with special needs. Her name is Jazz and she’s the daughter of my bestfriend Mitch. While chatting with her mom last night, Mitch mentioned to me that Jazz likes singing a lot. She said she’d be in her best mood everytime she would bring out the mic and do videoke sessions with the rest of their family.

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Food as Christmas Gift

It’s not everyday that we are gifted with food and more food. This usually happens during the Christmas season when people give food as presents to their friends. Binge eating during Christmas becomes more tempting with the many food choices we get as presents.

This is especially true in our office where food gifts come aplenty. They are mostly in bread and pastry forms. Even the food gifts received by our boss she happily shares with us. Opening these presents never fails to put big smiles on my face and those of my officemates. Good thing our boys have a heavy duty cutter (that looks like a Martor USA box cutter!) on stand by which makes opening a lot easier. Haha.

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It’s only September but my mind is already wandering around October and November and of course, December, because of Christmas. You can say I’m just excited. October is when most birthdays are celebrated in our family (mine, my sister’s and my dad’s). November is gonna be the birth month of our baby which will definitely make it all the more exciting and fun. And December, as usual, will be about gift-giving and merry-making because of the special occasion it brings.

Speaking of giving presents, do you buy custom gift card or just give out cash to your loved ones for them to buy whatever they fancy for Christmas? I prefer doing the latter. It’s easier to do and doesn’t involve a lot of thinking. Haha. Kidding aside, I think it’s very practical to do and more people appreciate this kind of practice.

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A Season to Be Merry

Christmas is indeed a season to be merry. The last time I checked, another Christmas party was being held a few steps from where I was. As much as I love partying, I guess I will have to excuse myself until tomorrow when it’s gonna be our office Christmas party. I still have tons of things to do right now. I haven’t even started shopping gifts for my loved ones yet!

Christmas season is one of my fave parts of the year. It never fails to set a festive atmosphere in this side of the world. I like that here in Manila, Christmas is celebrated longer than anywhere else and that during this time, people become extra caring, loving and generous. If only we could sustain this goodness of spirit all throughout the year then maybe, just maybe, the festive air will be felt everyday and everybody will be happy.

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Personalized Christmas Gifts

While checking out some online shops for potential Christmas gifts to family and friends, an idea popped out of my head. What if instead of giving them ready-made gifts this year, I give them something that’s made especially for them? Admit it or not, there’s something about personalized gifts that make our hearts melt. And since the occasion is as merry as the coming Christmas, then these kind of gifts will surely be much appreciated.

I have given personalized mugs and face towels before. I want something different for this year. I’m thinking of making some hand-made accessories especially for my girl friends. How about personalized holiday cards for my family? The text inside could be hand-written or not, so long as it has my heartwarming message and signature or anything that will add a personal touch to it.

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