A Season to Be Merry

Christmas is indeed a season to be merry. The last time I checked, another Christmas party was being held a few steps from where I was. As much as I love partying, I guess I will have to excuse myself until tomorrow when it’s gonna be our office Christmas party. I still have tons of things to do right now. I haven’t even started shopping gifts for my loved ones yet!

Christmas season is one of my fave parts of the year. It never fails to set a festive atmosphere in this side of the world. I like that here in Manila, Christmas is celebrated longer than anywhere else and that during this time, people become extra caring, loving and generous. If only we could sustain this goodness of spirit all throughout the year then maybe, just maybe, the festive air will be felt everyday and everybody will be happy.

But Christmas comes and goes, whether we like it or not. So while it’s here, let’s rejoice and enjoooooooy the season! 🙂

2 Replies to “A Season to Be Merry”

  1. Hindi daw kaya maintain ang spirit of Christmas sa buong taon dahil nawawala din ang bonus at pinagipunan. Hindi kaya maghanda at magbigayan ng regalo everyday. I just heard it from others, haha.

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