Christmas 2011

How was your Christmas celebration? Was it merry and fun? I hope so. My family and I celebrated Christmas in our humble home in Cavite. We had a simple Noche Buena on midnight. We had chicken noodle soup, queso de bola (edam cheese), holiday ham, sandwiches, fruit salad and softdrinks. We slept right after.

On Christmas day itself, my brother and I woke up early to prepare some dishes because we had visitors (including the fiancé and his sister A who would be fetching me and taking me back to Manila) coming over. My brother cooked menudo while I whipped up some Pinoy style spaghetti, fried some chicken and holiday ham and made some cheese sandwiches. The rest of the family was busy attending to well-dressed kids asking for their aguinaldos. By 8:00 p.m., I was already back in Manila ready to face a new work week.

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No Dieting for me this Christmas

It seems there’s no stopping me from eating well this holiday season. I can already feel it. The urge to eat and be merry is very strong. I’ve decided to not go against the flow and instead, embrace the glutton in me. Haha. Kidding aside, I’ve decided to not be conscious about eating until the holidays are over.

My pigging out started last Friday before, during and after our office Christmas party. There were just so many yummy treats in the office (mostly pastries and chocolates which were gifts to our boss that she happily shared with us!) that ignoring them would’ve been both a pity and a loss. The party itself was overflowing with food and drinks, too. And when I got home, I just had to have a midnight snack after watching the replay of my fave TV series online.

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A Season to Be Merry

Christmas is indeed a season to be merry. The last time I checked, another Christmas party was being held a few steps from where I was. As much as I love partying, I guess I will have to excuse myself until tomorrow when it’s gonna be our office Christmas party. I still have tons of things to do right now. I haven’t even started shopping gifts for my loved ones yet!

Christmas season is one of my fave parts of the year. It never fails to set a festive atmosphere in this side of the world. I like that here in Manila, Christmas is celebrated longer than anywhere else and that during this time, people become extra caring, loving and generous. If only we could sustain this goodness of spirit all throughout the year then maybe, just maybe, the festive air will be felt everyday and everybody will be happy.

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The Start of Christmas Shopping

My Christmas shopping has started and so has my wallet’s draining off its contents. Rockwell Powerplant Mall is not my kind of place to shop (pricey is a mild word!). Yesterday, we were there to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 only. (It was the movie date I promised to my sister eons ago.) I, however, ended up buying two items in the mall: a pair of shoes from Payless and a wallet from Charles and Keith.

If I’d have free time this week, I’d go to Divisoria or Greenhills already to buy Christmas presents. I’m particularly itching to visit the night market at Divisoria because normally, that is where I get nice items at dirt-cheap prices! I miss the crowd there (minus the pickpocketers, of course). And the noise and the many goods waiting to be bought. I simply love Divisoria!

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Personalized Christmas Gifts

While checking out some online shops for potential Christmas gifts to family and friends, an idea popped out of my head. What if instead of giving them ready-made gifts this year, I give them something that’s made especially for them? Admit it or not, there’s something about personalized gifts that make our hearts melt. And since the occasion is as merry as the coming Christmas, then these kind of gifts will surely be much appreciated.

I have given personalized mugs and face towels before. I want something different for this year. I’m thinking of making some hand-made accessories especially for my girl friends. How about personalized holiday cards for my family? The text inside could be hand-written or not, so long as it has my heartwarming message and signature or anything that will add a personal touch to it.

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My Wait for Christmas Bonus Starts Now

Catching a glimpse of my wallet this morning, thoughts of receiving Christmas bonuses from various sources flooded my mind. At work, we normally get our 13th month pay in November and the extra bonus in December, a few days before Christmas. I’m happy to know that this year, I’m not the only one receiving a bonus in our family. My brother D, who works as a teacher in a private Chinese school, is getting his share, too!

Have you started shopping for Christmas presents? Me, not yet. But I think I might join my brother in going to Divisoria soon to shop at the popular night market there. I miss shopping with him. Unlike other guys that dread shopping places, my brother enjoys shopping as much as I do. Shopping is actually a great bonding activity for us.

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