Christmas 2011

How was your Christmas celebration? Was it merry and fun? I hope so. My family and I celebrated Christmas in our humble home in Cavite. We had a simple Noche Buena on midnight. We had chicken noodle soup, queso de bola (edam cheese), holiday ham, sandwiches, fruit salad and softdrinks. We slept right after.

On Christmas day itself, my brother and I woke up early to prepare some dishes because we had visitors (including the fiancé and his sister A who would be fetching me and taking me back to Manila) coming over. My brother cooked menudo while I whipped up some Pinoy style spaghetti, fried some chicken and holiday ham and made some cheese sandwiches. The rest of the family was busy attending to well-dressed kids asking for their aguinaldos. By 8:00 p.m., I was already back in Manila ready to face a new work week.

Christmas is all about giving and sharing. I think that in my own little way, I have made my share. I wished I could have given more, though. But I had a budget to keep so I’ll just try harder next year. 🙂

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