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Right now, I’m thinking about our humble home in Cavite. It’s been almost two years since we settled there. It’s been my parent’s permanent abode and me and my sibling’s haven during the weekends. Gradually, we were able to improve our house and now it looks better than ever. Thank God for the financial blessings that allowed us to finance some very crucial home improvement projects!

I can still remember the time we install tile flooring in our house. A good friend from the US helped me with this and I won’t forget his kindness and generosity for that. As time went by, we were able to acquire new appliances that made our life easier and more comfortable. Then, one by one, we were able to secure our extension lot which now serves as our kitchen and lavatory, get grills and screens for our doors and windows and buy more household items that added color and depth to our home.

Just recently, we have completed the look of our kitchen by installing tiled countertops and hanging cabinets. Now we have a kitchen that looks more neat and spacious. I can’t wait to go home for the New Year and whip up dishes for our Media Noche. Yipee.

Hopefully, we would be able to introduce more improvements to our home in 2012 for it to be more functional and livable. Also, I can’t wait to bring more of my interior design ideas to life. (I love designing houses, you know.) It’s really fun and fulfilling to design your own house because you have full control on everything. 🙂

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