It’s only September but my mind is already wandering around October and November and of course, December, because of Christmas. You can say I’m just excited. October is when most birthdays are celebrated in our family (mine, my sister’s and my dad’s). November is gonna be the birth month of our baby which will definitely make it all the more exciting and fun. And December, as usual, will be about gift-giving and merry-making because of the special occasion it brings.

Speaking of giving presents, do you buy custom gift card or just give out cash to your loved ones for them to buy whatever they fancy for Christmas? I prefer doing the latter. It’s easier to do and doesn’t involve a lot of thinking. Haha. Kidding aside, I think it’s very practical to do and more people appreciate this kind of practice.

Current mood: Excited for the coming weekend. TGIF! ­čÖé

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