Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

If you have a music lover friend or family member, what would you get him/her for Christmas? I can only think of a few things. Why not a personalized CD with a compilation of his/her favorite songs? How about a ticket to a local concert? Or better yet, a gift certificate to some record bar or online music store?

If he/she’s talented and can play a musical instrument, why not gift him/her with a badass guitar from the Gibson launch? There are actually more fun stuff to give them, you just have to think a bit.

I’m saying these things because my sister is a music lover (she’s a big fan of Taylor Swift, too!) and I’m still thinking what to give her for Christmas. Haha. 🙂

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3 Replies to “Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Lovers”

  1. My husband takes care of my music needs LOL He downloads music for me and puts it on my phone. But I would love to go to a music concert again. It has been a long time.

  2. Dati nagpagpagawa din ako ng cd na may mga favorite songs ng tatay ko, nagustuhan naman nya.

    Pwede din musical instruments para sa music -lover mong sister, edel. Tiyak magugustuhan nya kasi matututo sya ng bagong skills. =)

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