Every person has a story to tell.

Be kind. You don’t know what kind of ordeal the person in front of you is dealing with. Be gentle. You don’t know how much hurt or pain the person in front of you is keeping in his heart. Be sensitive. You don’t know how harsh life has been to the person in front of you.

Every person has a unique story to tell. We may not know it now, but as we grow old, our life will be filled with these stories. Some may leave us in awe, some may make us cry, some may compel us to rethink our lives.

The next time you look at someone, look with compassion instead of criticism. Love instead of hate. Understanding instead of irritation. Kindness instead of indifference.

I know I’m guilty of being insensitive and indifferent at some points in my life, but as they said, it’s never too late. You can always change your ways. Slowly, I’m learning to be a kind, gentle and sensitive soul. 🙂

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