First of Many

One year ago today, the hubby and I experienced indescribable pain for the very first time. It was our first tragedy as a married couple. The reason? We lost our first baby. It’s the kind of pain that lingers with you even after the event has long passed. It’s the kind of pain that haunts you all the time. The sadness remains with you, deep inside your heart.

You can move on, alright, and let go of all the negative feelings. Yes, you can have your new normal, too. But the memories of that fateful day will stay in your head until you die. It’s ironic and somewhat funny because death was the cause and yet it’s also the one that’s gonna end it all, someday.

No, I refuse to be sad today. Even if this is just the first of many birth and death anniversaries that are going to come. Our little angel is at peace now. He’s with God and the angels now. I wish I could join him there in heaven, but I guess God has other plans. The hubby and I will join him at the right time. For now, we’ll continue with our life together. We’ll continue to dream for that family we’ve always wanted to build here on earth. Soon, it’s going to be a reality.

To our son PM, we love you so much. We pray for your soul everyday. You will always be in our hearts. 🙂

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