First Real Investment

Last month, the hubby and I took the bold step of investing through retail treasury bonds (RTBs). Don’t ask the amount. It’s just a small one that’s why we didn’t hesitate to use it for that purpose. We think it’s better than keeping it in a savings account where it earns very low interest. We still have some funds left in case of emergency so I guess we made a good decision with this one.

RTBs are a good investment. It’s the government that borrows the money so the risks are almost non-existent. I think it’s better than time deposits as it offers higher interest at a fixed rate. The investment time is longer, though, so you really have to make sure not to touch the money within the set period, say 10 years or more. Otherwise, there will be some risks.

If you’re interested in RTBs, visit your bank and inquire about it. If I’m not mistaken, it’s offered by the Bureau of Treasury through partner banks for a limited time. Also, you need to have a savings account in the bank as this is where they’ll deposit the interest your money earns (quarterly).

I hope we’ll have enough money next year to invest in other important things like health cards, mutual funds, life insurance and secondary containment products. The last one isn’t really a priority, but you get the point. Oh, if only money grows on trees!

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