Every person has a story to tell.

Be kind. You don’t know what kind of ordeal the person in front of you is dealing with. Be gentle. You don’t know how much hurt or pain the person in front of you is keeping in his heart. Be sensitive. You don’t know how harsh life has been to the person in front of you.

Every person has a unique story to tell. We may not know it now, but as we grow old, our life will be filled with these stories. Some may leave us in awe, some may make us cry, some may compel us to rethink our lives.

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Inspiring Friday

It’s the last of the weekdays again, and I feel like going home in Bacoor already. I want the weekend to start right now. Haha. But then, every day is special, so I might as well spend this day productively.

I don’t know with you, but I’m quite inspired today. Or more like this day is an inspiring day. I think it’s both. I’m gonna let this day pass doing the things I love. Currently, and aside from work, that includes Facebook-ing (I used to keep my FB account unopened for days!), Candy Crush-ing (this game is very addicting, but that’s for another post), checking on my parents (they live a few steps away from work), eating (that’s a given!) and spending time with the hubby (I start and end my day engaging in a conversation with him).

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Another Work Week Ends

Thank God it’s Friday! As cliché as it sounds, I really like it when it’s Friday already. It means the work week ends at 5:00 pm (6:00 pm in my case!), the weekend is just several hours away, and a new adventure awaits me. The adventure could be a relaxing stay at home, a tiring but enjoyable mall trip or an impromptu road trip. Actually, it can be anything that creates happy memories and spells f-u-n.

On a different note, today is a special day in our office as it celebrates its founding anniversary. I heard there will be free packed lunch for everyone and a mass will be held this afternoon. Cool. This doesn’t happen every day so I better take advantage of it. Haha.

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Busy Weekend Ahead

Despite the fact that the coming weekend is gonna be super busy for me, I still feel like saying TGIF! I just love Friday, no questions asked. Traffic may be bad/worse/worst (depends on the location, actually) during this day but you know, it’s a sad reality that people in Manila have come to accept and live with through the years.

Aaargh, we have work in the office tomorrow! I wish my boss changes her mind about it. Originally, I had plans for tomorrow to go to our Cavite house but since we were asked to report for work, I had to fix my sched right there and then. Sunday is equally hectic because we have a wedding-related appointment to attend to and I have work at the restaurant come dinnertime.

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So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

It’s Friday and tomorrow’s gonna be the start of the long weekend. I can’t wait! I have tons of things I wanna do. As much as I want to get a loooot of rest, my head is brimming with ideas on how best to spend my time. The saying “so many things to do, so little time,” rings so true at this point.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to cook fried rice for breakfast. During my previous grocery shopping, I made sure to get some Chinese sausages. We all know how they can transform simple fried rice into delicious and complete meals. I’m so excited to finally use them. I just hope I can move my ass to go to Quiapo early to buy some fresh veggies to include in my fried rice. Sorry, but I prefer them over the frozen mixed veggies bought from supermarkets.

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Thank God It’s L!

It’s Friday once again and I so look forward to the coming weekend. So, what’s with the title? I must say it’s a big surprise. L stands for something that has arrived recently and will be in my possession come Sunday. I’m very excited about it!

My week has been good and balance, so far. I’m thankful I got to accomplish quite a lot, both in my day job and in my part-time job. I also got to witness some positive developments in my friends’ lives and I can only be happy for them. Like when I learned about a friend who is expecting her first baby, a friend who’s recently bought a brand new car and another friend who’s leaving abroad to seek for a greener pasture. Blessings in any form are always appreciated and welcomed with a grateful heart.
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