Inspiring Friday

It’s the last of the weekdays again, and I feel like going home in Bacoor already. I want the weekend to start right now. Haha. But then, every day is special, so I might as well spend this day productively.

I don’t know with you, but I’m quite inspired today. Or more like this day is an inspiring day. I think it’s both. I’m gonna let this day pass doing the things I love. Currently, and aside from work, that includes Facebook-ing (I used to keep my FB account unopened for days!), Candy Crush-ing (this game is very addicting, but that’s for another post), checking on my parents (they live a few steps away from work), eating (that’s a given!) and spending time with the hubby (I start and end my day engaging in a conversation with him).

Oh Friday, you make the week appear so easy and beautiful and fun to me. 🙂

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