So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

It’s Friday and tomorrow’s gonna be the start of the long weekend. I can’t wait! I have tons of things I wanna do. As much as I want to get a loooot of rest, my head is brimming with ideas on how best to spend my time. The saying “so many things to do, so little time,” rings so true at this point.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to cook fried rice for breakfast. During my previous grocery shopping, I made sure to get some Chinese sausages. We all know how they can transform simple fried rice into delicious and complete meals. I’m so excited to finally use them. I just hope I can move my ass to go to Quiapo early to buy some fresh veggies to include in my fried rice. Sorry, but I prefer them over the frozen mixed veggies bought from supermarkets.

Aside from cooking breakfast tomorrow, I have so many in my to-do list that I wanna accomplish. Like the laundry, the dentist appointment and the blog event I’m attending tomorrow afternoon. And to think that’s for tomorrow only. So help me God.

Still, I wish everyone a pleasant and restful long weekend! 🙂

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