Undas 2011

The celebration of All Saints’s Day here in Manila was anything but boring. In our little clan, yesterday was chaotic and energy-draining but very fun and fulfilling. Together with my six-member family, my aunts and uncles and a few cousins, we left the city to visit the graves of my grandparents in Nueva Ecija.

It has been sort of a tradition. My uncle would bring his car (an L-300 Van) to serve as our service vehicle and we would all meet up at our favorite Jollibee store that’s open 24/7. The rest of us would be in charge of bringing food for our lunch at our ancestral house that’s now showing signs of age (unfortunately). The bonding would continue as we pay a visit to the cemetery and as we travel back to Manila.

This year, though, was a bit different. I started assuming the position of “financier” for our stopover dining. But there’s really nothing to complain about because I see it as a way of sharing my blessings. I’m so blessed this year in all aspects of my life, you know. Haha.

Undas never fails to be such a joyous occasion for us. I’m happy that we still get to see our relatives even only during Undas and other not so happy occasions like despidida parties and funerals. Having your extended family around and sharing special moments with them are always a good thing.

Life is short and it’s always wise to connect and share your blessings with your family and loved ones while they’re around to enjoy and appreciate your efforts and good intentions.

How was your Undas 2011 like?

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