Birthday Wishes

To the man I chose to marry, may you continue to work with me towards a beautiful marriage filled with love, respect, faith and commitment.

To the man I chose to be my life partner, may you continue to share my values, ideals, goals and dreams. Together, let’s live simply and meaningfully and without regrets. Let’s believe that just like in fairy tales, we’ll have our own happily-ever-after ending, too.

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Super Fun Sunday

Today was super fun. The fiancee and I attended two events, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. First was my college friend Matol’s son’s baptismal and second was his officemate’s daughter’s first birthday. Happy occasions are always a sight to behold. If you are invited to witness one, the more delightful it becomes.

I’m glad that despite the many things we needed to do today, we took the time to connect with friends and strengthen the ties that bind us together. During these two events, I couldn’t help but imagine myself (us, actually) organizing events for the family we are raising together. It’s gonna be fun, for sure, and worth all the efforts we’d put into it.

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Undas 2011

The celebration of All Saints’s Day here in Manila was anything but boring. In our little clan, yesterday was chaotic and energy-draining but very fun and fulfilling. Together with my six-member family, my aunts and uncles and a few cousins, we left the city to visit the graves of my grandparents in Nueva Ecija.

It has been sort of a tradition. My uncle would bring his car (an L-300 Van) to serve as our service vehicle and we would all meet up at our favorite Jollibee store that’s open 24/7. The rest of us would be in charge of bringing food for our lunch at our ancestral house that’s now showing signs of age (unfortunately). The bonding would continue as we pay a visit to the cemetery and as we travel back to Manila.

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