Birthday Wishes

To the man I chose to marry, may you continue to work with me towards a beautiful marriage filled with love, respect, faith and commitment.

To the man I chose to be my life partner, may you continue to share my values, ideals, goals and dreams. Together, let’s live simply and meaningfully and without regrets. Let’s believe that just like in fairy tales, we’ll have our own happily-ever-after ending, too.

To the man I chose to be my best friend for life, may you continue to be my confidante and secret-keeper. I have a strong conviction that our solid friendship will stand the tests of time.

To the man I chose to love with all of my heart, may you remain reciprocating my undying love while dealing with my fickle-mindedness, sensitivity and (occasional) insanity. I promise to be a better lover every day. Haha.

To the man I chose to be the father of my children, may you continue to stick with me as we heal from our lost, hope for a new beginning and a new bundle of joy. Let’s keep the faith because sooner or later, I know our cherished dream of a family will come true.

To Edwin, the man I’m making these birthday wishes for, may you have a fun and meaningful birthday today! I’ll do everything in my capacity and power to make this day truly special for you. A million hugs and kisses! 🙂

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