Birthday Wishes

To the man I chose to marry, may you continue to work with me towards a beautiful marriage filled with love, respect, faith and commitment.

To the man I chose to be my life partner, may you continue to share my values, ideals, goals and dreams. Together, let’s live simply and meaningfully and without regrets. Let’s believe that just like in fairy tales, we’ll have our own happily-ever-after ending, too.

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Happy 33rd Birthday!

I’ve known this person since 2003. We were friends first before we became lovers just a year after. We were steady for seven happy years and got married on our 8th. Today, he turns 33 years old, only four years my senior.

It’s the birthday of my loving husband, and as far as birthdays are concerned, we have all the reasons to celebrate. But after having gotten through the loss of our first baby exactly a week ago, we couldn’t see the need to do so right away. Celebrations can wait.

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