Fun October

October is my most favorite month of the year. That’s a biased admission, though, because I was born in that month. My husband was born in that month, too. And so were three other family members: my grandfather (he’s in heaven), my dad and my sister.


Given that, it’s only proper that October is the most celebrated month for us. But since resources are scarce nowadays, we opted to celebrate our birthdays simply but meaningfully. We started off with the husband’s birthday last Saturday. We celebrated it in our home in Bacoor, just the two of us. On the night of his birthday, we had dinner at his fave resto (that’s the good ‘ol Shakey’s) and when we got home, we had his birthday cake for desserts. That cake was special because I baked it. It was a red velvet cake which was surprisingly very good. (Another jackpot recipe from my fave cooking blog!) The birthday boy was happy.


This Saturday is gonna be my turn. I’m gonna be a year older but hopefully, a year wiser as well. The hubby loves to throw nice surprises my way and I can’t help but expect something from him on my special day. Let’s see about that. Haha.

As for the birthdays of my other loved ones, we might just dine out together once we’ve picked out a date that’s favorable for all of us. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the b-day greeting, Ella! As for the surprise, nothing. Haha. At nag-expect pa talaga ako, diba? He just told me to get something for myself when we went to the mall last Saturday (my b-day) and paid for it. I think that’s good enough because I got what I really wanted naman. 🙂

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