Weekend Story: Joint Quarantine Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was special because the hubby and I, along with my sister Nyam, got to celebrate our birthdays together. It was purely family, of course, because we were still under MECQ in Bacoor. For our convenience, we just had cakes and some dishes ordered, except for the lasagna that my sister Jodie took the time and effort to make for us (thanks again, sestra!).

Our baby NJ is now the official candle blower in the family. Whenever we buy a cake either for a birthday or some other occasion, we make sure to include a candle or two for her to blow. The excitement on her face whenever she blows those candles is priceless!

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Weekend Story: FIL’s Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was not so good for a lot of our countrymen because of the after-effects of typhoon Ulysses. My heart goes out to my fellow Filipinos who have been severely affected by this massive storm that hit the Philippines last Thursday. To those who have been spared or minimally affected, let us help in any way we can. There’s so much we can do, really. Nakakalungkot talaga. Hanggang ngayon, andami pa ring nangangailangan ng tulong lalo na sa Cagayan at Isabela. Pero sabi nga, laban lang tayo. Kapit lang. God is good all the time.

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Weekend Story: 2015 Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel + Other Stuff

Last weekend was spent here in Manila in observance of the 2015 Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel. In short, naki-fiesta kami! Not at our neighbors’ houses but just at my in-laws’ and at my siblings’ homes. Haha.

While Mame cooked Pinoy style spaghetti and lumpiang Shanghai, my MIL whipped up pork and chicken adobo and buko salad. They sent their respective “handa” to each other and so we were able to eat a lot of food. Knowing my MIL, had she not gone to work last Sunday (when the actual feast day fell), she would have cooked more food.

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Fun October

October is my most favorite month of the year. That’s a biased admission, though, because I was born in that month. My husband was born in that month, too. And so were three other family members: my grandfather (he’s in heaven), my dad and my sister.


Given that, it’s only proper that October is the most celebrated month for us. But since resources are scarce nowadays, we opted to celebrate our birthdays simply but meaningfully. We started off with the husband’s birthday last Saturday. We celebrated it in our home in Bacoor, just the two of us. On the night of his birthday, we had dinner at his fave resto (that’s the good ‘ol Shakey’s) and when we got home, we had his birthday cake for desserts. That cake was special because I baked it. It was a red velvet cake which was surprisingly very good. (Another jackpot recipe from my fave cooking blog!) The birthday boy was happy.

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Fun Birthday Celebration

My one and only SIL had an out-of-town birthday celebration yesterday. It was Labor Day so everybody was able to go. We went to Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort (our second time there) in Tanza, Cavite and had a sort of family picnic. We swam and ate and swam and ate. It was all fun.

My MIL brought so much food (pork humba, fried chicken, king crab legs, boiled bananas, suman, bread, assorted chips, sodas, juices and three kinds of tropical fruits). There was no reason to be on a diet so I feasted on everything. We all did. Haha.

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Cool Birthday Gift Ideas, Anyone?

Birthdays are always an opportune time to shower our loved ones with attention and love. Different people have different ways of making the birthday celebrant feel extra special on his natal day. While some show their thoughtfulness by throwing a surprise party, others give the coolest birthday gift. In our family, birthdays are celebrated simply and intimately. If we have the funds, we throw a party (not necessarily a surprise one, though) and when there is budget constraints, we just think of the perfect birthday gift.

Today is my sister N’s birthday. She’s now 20 years old. She’s a simple girl with a golden heart. I was thinking of getting her a new watch as birthday present. But then I realized she already have a few watches that she doesn’t even get to wear them all. Now I’m wondering if a funny t-shirt from foulmouthshirts.com would do since she’s also a funny girl and is very easy to please. Hmmm, why not?

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